The golden decade of civil aviation suggests the facilitation of entry visas

 The golden decade of civil aviation suggests the facilitation of entry visas

Talking about the recent online new economy measures, Wang Yu introduced to the Securities Times: the previous spring and autumn route promotion mainly through buying advertising, this time tried the form of live delivery, and the effect is also very good. In addition, we also launched the first contactless Recruitment in the civil aviation industry. The first batch of recruitment was for information technology positions such as big data development engineer and trainee positions for graduating college students. The company also adopted online office mode, which helps the company improve efficiency and reduce costs.

How to deal with the normalization challenges of public health events and accelerate the recovery of the economy are the main contents of my proposal this year, involving three aspects. Wang Yu introduced.

First, the domestic epidemic has been effectively controlled, but the challenge of normalization of public health events is also a matter of high probability. It should be one of the key points of current work to continue good health habits. He suggested that legislation should be made to standardize public health practices such as meal sharing, improve the level of public health civilization in China, increase public health publicity, and form good national hygiene habits such as meal sharing, public chopsticks, mask culture, and frequent hand washing.

Third, accelerate the recovery of the economy, and stimulate investment and consumption at the same time. He suggested that Chinas visa facilitation should be implemented to attract international tourists to China for consumption; more importantly, we should further adhere to the opening-up policy, reduce taxes and fees substantially, actively stimulate the investment of international capital and private enterprises, and save foreign trade enterprises.

Visa facilitation recommended

Wang Yu believes that visa facilitation is also very important to boost the civil aviation industry and tourism industry after the outbreak.

He pointed out that visa facilitation is an internationally accepted policy of attracting inbound tourists. How to consolidate and strengthen the existing achievements and change the number of inbound tourists in China? The proportion of tourists from the top 10 source countries in the world is less than 30%, and the current situation of only 20% of foreign tourists to Asia Pacific is the focus of current work.

The reasons for this action are: first, the tourism industry has contributed more than 11% to Chinas GDP and 10% to the national employment population, which is of great significance to the six stability and the first stable employment among the six guarantees. Second, in terms of per capita tourism consumption, the number of tourists from developed countries such as Europe and the United States is 890 US dollars, more than four times of the 220 US dollars of tourists from Asia Pacific. Third, there are 137 million tourists to Asia Pacific every year, of which only 30 million, or less than 20% choose China. As a country with the widest region and the richest tourism resources in the Asia Pacific region, China needs to change this situation urgently.

Therefore, Wang Yu proposed from four aspects: first, clarify the key market, increase the opening to Europe, the United States, East Asia and other major source countries in the world after the epidemic; after the epidemic control, increase the visa opening to the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Italy, Russia, Australia, Japan, South Korea and other major source countries in the world. For group tourists organized by major tourist source countries through travel agencies, on the basis of 144 hour transit visa free, further expand the scope of applicable cities and extend the time to 7 days, 15 days until landing visa and unilateral visa free. Second, further simplify visa materials and procedures. Third, actively promote electronic signature. Fourth, promote the China Japan ROK tourism one through agreement, echoing the general trend of China Japan ROK free trade zone construction.

In the field of aviation, Spring Airlines has many first labels: it is the first private airline in China, the first cross-border airline from the tourism industry, and the first low-cost airline in China. It can be said that Chunqiu is the integrator of Chinas low-cost aviation, from the private travel agency that started with 2 square meters of Tin House to the listed company with a market value of more than 30 billion yuan.

During this anti epidemic period, Chunqiu aviation also actively participated in it. For example, Chunqiu aviation is the first company in the industry to offer free transportation of anti epidemic materials, and it is also the company that actively transports the most anti epidemic materials free of charge. Up to now, it has transported 115 batches of free rescue materials for the national anti epidemic front line, totaling 5282 pieces. As a private company, it participated in the national evacuation task for the first time, and took back and remained Foreign tourists; since the Spring Festival, hundreds of thousands of migrant workers have been transported back to their posts; the civil aviation industry is the first to start contactless recruitment for Hubei nationality; the civil aviation industry is the first to propose VIP cards and ticket free rights and interests to the medical aid team in Hubei, with a total value of more than 10 million yuan.

From January to now, Wang Yu has worked nearly 12 hours a day. On the one hand, he led his employees to fully guarantee the prevention and control of the epidemic and support the resumption of work and production; on the other hand, he is also trying to lead the enterprise to overcome the adverse effects of the epidemic. At the end of April, he also became the first person of the live broadcast by the chairman of the board of directors of the domestic airline company, introducing to the netizens the new route of Spring Airlines to be launched in the summer and autumn season: 1.5 hours of live broadcast, with a total of 8.387 million people watching, and the maximum number of online people reached 666600.

But looking forward to the future of the industry, Wang Yu is still optimistic, he said: human history is accompanied by various diseases Although our industry is fragile, our employees are strong. I have confidence in Chinas civil aviation and tourism industry. The civil aviation industry will have a golden decade and there will be opportunities for development.