FIBA: Scolas 41 World Cup world number one hes an Argentine hero

 FIBA: Scolas 41 World Cup world number one hes an Argentine hero

Theyre going to run at 7 a.m. and its really cold, theyre going to spend hours training, repeating the same training over and over again, just like rocky, said Mario Scola

Therefore, Scola, who just turned 40 on April 30, has become the player who has participated in the most Basketball World Cup games in history by playing 41 games; with a total score of 716 points, she has become the second scorer in the history of the world cup after Oscar Schmidt (843 points).

For many people who have seen the world cup and the Olympic Games and have been following Scola since more than 20 years ago, because of the famous Argentine player, they have had great fun in the 2019 Basketball World Cup.

The soul of Argentina, the official name of its national team, was once thought to be too young, too inexperienced and talented to reach the final. But they have Scola.

Its also impressive that Argentina knocked out several strong teams on its way to the final - the strong Serbia in the quarter finals, the France in the semi-finals, and the United States eight years ago.

In Argentinas 97-87 victory over Serbia, he scored 20 points and 5 rebounds, then led the team to 80-66 victory over France, with 28 points and 13 rebounds.

Spain took control of the game by defending Scola, beating Argentina to win the championship. The second place result was as painful for Scola as it was 17 years ago when he was beaten by Yugoslavia in overtime in the final of the world cup in Indianapolis.

It was one of the best games of Scolas career. With 5.9 seconds left, he stopped the ball in the hands of midfielder Vlad Divac. Then he was dribbling and trying to win the game. The referee blew his whistle and called him foul.

It was Scolas fifth foul in that game, and he ended up 11 games apart, with Yugoslavia winning 84-77.

This regret became the driving force of Argentina in the Athens Olympic Games two years later. Scola averaged 17.6 points and 5.1 rebounds, playing a superstar performance. Scola scored 25 points and 11 rebounds in the 84-69 win over Italy.

From that moment on, whenever he plays for Argentina, Scola is one of the best players in the world. He has always said that every summers game is good for him because it helps him prepare for next season.

In Scolas brilliant career, there are many brilliant moments that prove that he is a real warrior.

Scola was hit in the mouth and lost a tooth in the 16th round match against New Zealand at the 2006 Japan basketball world cup.

For a long time, Scola has also been considered one of the best players in the NBA, and he has proved San Antonios talent in the draft, because they chose Scola in the 56th place in 2002. But as Scola continues to play for Spains basconia team and become one of the top non-native players in the United States, his value has risen.

NBA teams are limited in the cost of acquiring players. In the case of Scola, the team has to pay a high buyout fee.

In the summer of 2007, San Antonio reluctantly traded Scolas contract to Houston. Once the latter bought it out with 3.2 million dollars, Scola would go to Texas to become Yao Mings teammate.

Despite Scolas rise in the NBA, his sense of responsibility for Argentinas national team has never diminished.

He participated in the FIBA America Cup in Las Vegas in 2007, averaging 19.5 points and 7.5 rebounds. Although the United States beat Argentina in the final, he was named the most valuable player.

Before the next years Beijing Olympic Games, Scola once played for Argentina in the diamond ball championship of Nanjing FIBA. Even in such a warm-up match, Scola could get applause every time he played. His status and connection with Yao Ming make him the favorite of Chinese people.

Then in the Olympic Games, Scola averaged 18.9 points and 6.6 rebounds. Although Manu Ginobili lost to the United States due to injury in the semi-final, Argentina defeated Lithuania 87-75 in the bronze medal.

Every summer is special for Scola and Argentina.

Other average twenty-three point three In the 2009 FIBA Americas Cup in San Juan, Puerto Rico and the 2010 FIBA Basketball World Cup in Turkey, Argentina won the third place with a lack of frontline players. In the 93-89 win over Brazil, he scored 37 points and 9 rebounds, which was also one of his best performances in the national team.

Argentina hosted the FIBA Americas Cup in Mar del Plata in 2011. At that time, Argentinas golden generation won the championship in a two-week competition. Scola averaged 21.4 points and 6.3 rebounds, and his country won the championship.

Ginobili and nosioni ended their national team careers at the 2016 Rio games, but Scola didnt consider stopping.

The world has seen Scolas performance in Rio de Janeiro. It is clear that Scolas presence is not only important for the team, but also for his country. Before the game against Brazil, he took a microphone and went to the pitch with defender Marcelino hultas, calling on the crowd to exercise restraint. He said it was intolerable for fans from two countries to frequent violent incidents in international basketball games. Then, the two teams presented the most wonderful game in that Olympic Games. Finally, Argentina won the game after double overtime.

Scola also played in the basketball world cup, but he didnt get comfort from being selected as the best team because the defeat in the final hit him too hard.

At present, he is still playing, but the spread of the new coronavirus forced many people to suspend the game. It has also increased his challenge to take part in the Tokyo Olympics, which will be postponed for a year in Tokyo. When youre 40, every year is a blow because the chances of returning to the game are much smaller, he said. If I can, Ill take part. Thats great! If someone enjoys facing challenges, it must be Scola. Source: Netease sports Author: responsible editor of FIBA: Qiao yuanlei ufe50 ns1098

At present, he is still playing, but the spread of the new coronavirus forced many people to suspend the game. It has also increased his challenge to take part in the Tokyo Olympics, which will be postponed for a year in Tokyo.

If someone enjoys facing challenges, it must be Scola.