UFC champion Zhang Weili talks about choosing a mate: it doesnt matter if you dont look for your peers or your height

 UFC champion Zhang Weili talks about choosing a mate: it doesnt matter if you dont look for your peers or your height


I havent seen my parents since I came back to China for nearly a month

On March 8, Zhang Weili defeated Joanna in ufc248, defending the womens grass weight gold belt. Affected by the outbreak, she has been staying in the United States. In a telephone interview with a reporter from the Beijing News at the end of March, Zhang Weili said she had never thought it would be so difficult to go home, and was in a state of uncontrollable mood and crying.

On the evening of April 20, Zhang Weili returned to Tianjin from Los Angeles, where she was quarantined for 14 days. When I came out of the cabin and saw the message welcome home written on the body of the anti epidemic personnel, I felt very warm and almost cried. Zhang said that those who wear protective clothing are very kind and like their families.

In an interview on May 14, Zhang Weili said that during the isolation period, she felt that she kept eating every day. Its time to get up in the morning and have breakfast. Its time to have lunch to learn English in the morning, and its time to have dinner to practice in the afternoon.

MMA (comprehensive combat) is a competition item classified by weight. Zhang Weili pays special attention to eating, and the team attaches great importance to her diet. Now its normal to eat, but the amount of training is not large, and you cant eat too much. Even in the isolation period, Zhang Weili is also very self disciplined. She said that she would eat some high fever and high fat food occasionally in the early years, but now it would never be, I know this thing is not good for me, why should I do it? The key is that you know what you want and know how to do it.

When she came back from the United States, Zhang Weili made full preparations for isolation, English learning, physical training, live broadcasting, and arranged her time in a good order. During her isolation, Zhang learned English every day. Before, because of the preparation for the war and the absence of the English teacher, Zhang Weili thought her English level had dropped a lot. A few days ago, an American friend sent her voice. Zhang found that she could understand and communicate with each other. She was very happy.

14 days feels fast. Zhang Weili said, looking back, still miss that period of time, take the opportunity to have a good rest, I dont know if there is such a time in the future.

After the isolation, Zhang Weili went directly back to Beijing and didnt go back to her hometown in Hebei as planned. Nearly a month after returning home, Zhang Weili has not met her parents. After a period of delay in the United States, he came back and was quarantined for another two weeks. Thinking of rest, he quickly resumed training. Its easier to fight against rivers and mountains than to guard them. Zhang Weili said that she should guard this golden belt well.


Those who like beauty also like ferocity

With the first UFC gold belt won on August 31 last year to defend the title, MMA movement is more well known in China. In many peoples eyes, Zhang Weilis commercial value directly pursues Li Na, Zhu ting and others, and she has become a hot sports star in China. However, Zhang Weili said that she has not changed, and will not change. What has changed is that there are more people who know her.

Busier than when I didnt win the championship before. In an interview at noon on May 14, Zhang Weili didnt have time to have lunch. My biggest wish now is not to be so busy. I want to return to normal training quickly. I still like a simpler life.

On May 5, on the morning of the first day after the expiration of the isolation period, Zhang Weili went to Tianjin traffic management bureau to shoot a promotional film. She was hired as the publicity image ambassador of Tianjin civilized transportation public welfare.

On social media, Zhang Weili will send some photos with make-up when shooting activities, which is different from her image on the field. Everyone should have more sides. I like the beautiful side and the fierce side.

However, while showing her other side to the outside world, Zhang Weili also heard some voices of doubt. A lot of people say Im going to float when I win the championship. I dont train well. At this point, Zhang Weili was very open, she said that it was impossible for everyone to like it. I didnt send training photos online, so you said I didnt train?

Multi-faceted individual, interesting soul is what Zhang Weili has been pursuing, which also continues to her mate selection criteria.

It doesnt matter what you look like or how tall you are. You have a good character, a sense of responsibility and love. Its important to have an interesting soul. Zhang Weili made it clear that the other half didnt want to find colleagues and didnt want to mix life with work. It cant be said that the training has been a day, and they are still talking about tactics when they go home.


Win and challenge again

During her stay in the United States, Zhang Weili never looked back at the match with Joanna. In Tianjin Quarantine, she watched the game video several times, and the more she watched it, the more she felt that she was very slow on the court at that time. Joanna is really strong and powerful. She doesnt play very well. Zhang Weili said that the first three rounds of the game were basically in a circle state. The first sentence she said to the coach during the intermission was my head is blank, and I have forgotten my skills and tactics..

Because of the epidemic situation, it was very difficult for Zhang Weili and Joanna to defend the title. She made a detour to Bangkok and Abu Dhabi before she arrived in Las Vegas. In the future, we must adjust our work and rest before the match, and we must adjust our work and rest.

Zhang Weilis first opponent for defending the title is Joanna, who is her long-term imaginary enemy. To defeat her this time, my dream has also been realized. After losing to Zhang Weili, Joanna once said she wanted to fight twice. Zhang Weili said it was possible for the two to fight, but definitely not now.

After winning the defending title, Zhang said she was tougher and more confident - before that, she had never played five rounds and her physical strength was finally tested. Of course, at the level of UFC, Zhangs goal is no longer Joannas. In the next defending war, Zhangs opponents are likely to be rose, Valentina Shevchenko and Suarez. These three are Zhangs imaginary enemies at this stage. If any of them come to challenge, I will be happy.

If you can monopolize the UFC grass weight gold belt, Zhang Weilis next goal is to challenge the next level of gold belt. Further, Zhangs goal is to let more children join in and make their bodies stronger through sports. This sport needs more peoples efforts to develop better.

Last year, after winning the gold belt on the night of UFC fight in Shenzhen, Zhang Weili once called to Bai Dana, the president of UFC, to hope that the UFC digital game (paid to watch) would come to China as soon as possible. With Zhang Weili defending the title, it seems that the UFC digital game is not far from China. Soon, Im sure it will be in these two years. Zhang Weili said that UFC has attracted more and more attention from many countries, and its only a matter of time before a digital game is held in China.

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