Kengwa veteran! Han Pang invites his son to drink drinks and his son is made into an expression pack

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Han dejunkengwa invites his son to drink (source: Netease sports)

At the beginning of the video is Han Dejun pouring drinks for his son, and the subtitle also indicates that this is reward your son. Han Dejun cheers to his son and says, son, dad will treat you to a drink today.

After taking a drink, Han Dejuns sons face became very ferocious, his voice was too hot to speak, and his tears almost came out. In the side of the Han Dejun does not forget to mend the knife like said: good drink? And Han Dejuns son is helpless, hard to drink to turn white eyes..

After the screen jumps to a day, this time Han Dejun asks his son, son, did you drink the water last time? Little Han shook his head and said that it was not good to drink, while Han Dejun told his son solemnly, this is better than that!! Do one. Then the father and son drank another cup. This time, Xiao Hans reaction was even greater. He held up the glass in one hand, covered his eyes with his hands, make complaints about vomiting, and Tucao his father said, you are too pit.

The background music of the video is I can still drink. The lyrics of the video read: wine is a good thing, and wine is a perspective mirror, because wine can see peoples hearts. This lyrics can be said to match the video very well.

During the period of CBA suspension, Han Dejun occasionally made some interactive videos with his son on the Internet. Before that, he sent a basketball video of invite his son to eat hotpot. It can be said that he is an old player of kengwa. Some netizens commented: Ive only seen Keng dad before, but Ive never seen such Keng son before. There are also netizens to capture the expression of small Han, said that this can do expression bag.

Go to your basketball dream! Han Dejun strength kengwa crazy hat son netizen: brutal

Han Dejun, the center of Liaoning team, recently frequently published the video of teaching his son to play basketball. From the previous films, although young Han is not old, his moves are very similar. However, the latest video released by Han Dejun recently has given his son a lot of blows. He staged a hot pot show and his son was covered up. It can be called a local version of go to you The basketball dream