Female version of Li Zongwei! Shes a badminton prize winner. She didnt win a card in the Olympics

 Female version of Li Zongwei! Shes a badminton prize winner. She didnt win a card in the Olympics

According to Dai Ziying, it is obviously impossible to retire next year. But she didnt say that she would stick to the 2024 Paris Olympics. She would not make a final decision until next years whole season.

In recent years, it has been rumored that Dai Ziying will retire after the Tokyo Olympic Games, which is not entirely groundless. Because Dai Ziying, after playing the Rio Olympics, revealed to the media the idea of retiring after playing the Tokyo Olympics. However, Dai Ziyings ideas have been changing, and sometimes it is not accurate to say that he will retire after the Tokyo Olympic Games. However, the media seems more willing to hype her retirement after the Tokyo Olympics. Take her interview with the official website of the World Badminton Federation as an example. There are also media reports that wrote the title as postponement of retirement plan due to the postponement of the Olympic Games, or even as Dai Ziying revealed that she may retire after the Olympic Games.

Why do the media and fans care about when Dai Ziying will retire?

This should be due to the difference between Dai Ziyings strength and her achievements in the world competition. This famous badminton player from Taipei, China, once occupied the top position of womens singles in the world for a long time, but he never won a championship or even a bronze medal in the Olympic Games and World Championships. Shes a bit like Li Zongwei of mens singles, but shes less lucky in the world series than Li Zongwei. Li often made it to the world championships and Olympic finals, but it was difficult to win in the Finals because Chinas Lin Dan was stronger. Dai Ziying is not defeated by Malin, the champion of the three World Championships and the champion of the first Olympic Games. She will lose to an opponent who looks not as strong as her. She often fails to meet Malin, the womens lindan, and withdraws from the world championship competition.

Dai Ziying, who is still under 26 years old, is still the No. 1 player in the world. Before she has won a world championship or an Olympic champion, she thought of retiring, which inevitably makes people feel sorry.

In terms of strength, Dai Ziying can be said to be the first one in womens singles today. In the active womens singles, Dai Ziying has occupied the first place in the world for the longest cumulative time, and has won the most Championships in the World Badminton Federation series. In 2017, she won five consecutive super tournaments. In 2018, her winning streak reached a record of 31 (the previous winning streak of womens singles was held by Li xuerui, a Chinese player), but in this years World Championships, Dai Ziying, who won six consecutive championships, ended her winning streak in the world championships and was kept out of the top four.

Fans have to lament that this may be Dai Ziyings life. When interviewed by the media, Dai Ziying gives people a very low-key feeling that there is no world champion. Before the competition, she never called out the goal of winning the championship, but said lightly that as long as she played normally, she would enjoy the competition. She is so natural and unrestrained, so wayward. Even at the peak of her career, she doesnt have a title yet, and shes already thinking about when to retire. She is in sharp contrast to Marin of Spain, who has won so many championships. The other day, Marin also called for the goal of sticking to the Paris Olympic Games, saying that she would make history and become the most champion player in womens singles World Championships and Olympic Games.

Fans and media are concerned about when Dai Ziying will retire. In fact, they dont want Dai Ziying to retire so early. Because Dai Ziyings ball is so beautiful, her fake action can deceive all the masters, and her attack and defense are so comprehensive. If we measure the real level of players and their ability to win the championship by the number of bonus obtained in professional competition, she can be said to be a large part of her players in the service. Her total bonus now stands at $1.53 million, compared with $780000 for marlin. Chen Yufei, who once ranked first in the world, has only $740000.

However, Dai Ziying doesnt seem to care that her career must have world champions and Olympic champions to be perfect. She once said in an interview with the media: life cant be just badminton. (Xinmin Evening News reporter Wang Zhiling)

Source: Liu Jie, editor in charge of Xinmin Evening News_ NS6529