Institutions increase the research of pharmaceutical and food industry, and the market has room for improvement

 Institutions increase the research of pharmaceutical and food industry, and the market has room for improvement

Pharmaceutical and food industry continues to attract institutional attention

Specifically, last week, several pharmaceutical industry stocks, such as wohua pharmaceutical, Kanghong pharmaceutical, Zhongsheng pharmaceutical, Yiming pharmaceutical, Xianju pharmaceutical, Huangshan capsule, etc., received institutional research and attention. For example, last week, Xianju pharmaceutical, a listed company in the western pharmaceutical industry, received joint research from dozens of institutions, including GF Securities, Huaxia Fund, Hongdao investment, Zhejiang Jiuzhang asset management, Tongyuan investment, and Jiupeng investment. According to the company, the company has been back to work successively since February 11 with the approval of relevant government departments, and has now been fully back to work. In terms of sales, the overall growth of API in the first quarter was relatively good, the preparation end was affected by the epidemic to some extent, and the epidemic in the first quarter had a certain impact on clinical medication. At present, except for some areas, most areas are gradually recovering to a good situation. Kanghong pharmaceutical, a listed company in the traditional Chinese medicine industry, held a performance presentation meeting, which attracted many organizations to attend. In the survey, the company said that it has developed response measures for each country and region with serious epidemic situation, and provided epidemic prevention materials and more convenient and safe travel plans for some researchers and subjects. Up to now, clinical trials have been carried out as scheduled.

Last week, listed companies in the food industry under investigation included laiyifen, Ximai food, Qiaqia food, golden ham, Shuanghui development, etc. Last week, the research in Yibin attracted 115 participants from 97 institutions. In the survey, the company said that the leisure food industry is a trillion level huge market, attracting many enterprises to participate in it, with more market space and opportunities and great potential. Laiyifen has been exploring the leisure food industry for nearly 20 years, leading the business model and innovation trend of the industry. The core competitive advantage of the company lies in the rich product research and development of high-quality and full categories, the integration of intelligent supply chain with information technology, strong regional penetration and store operation ability.

Market storage space

HSBC Jinxin Fund pointed out that the market opened slightly higher last week. In some periods, the heavyweight stocks headed by SSE 50 outperformed the small and medium-sized enterprises. The main indexes of the week were all volatile and fell. The market is still lack of explosiveness and sustainability, and investors participation is also obviously insufficient. But from the perspective of trend, after a period of concussion and digestion, the market has a certain upward space. The M2 and social finance data released last week were much higher than expected, indicating that the market is already very rich in liquidity, but the related real estate financial sector has not yet performed. The industries with strong performance are still concentrated in medicine, food and beverage and other industries. At present, the domestic situation is gradually improving, and the recovery of commercial activities is still in favor of some just needed industries related to public health events. From the trend, we can see that the structural market of industry differentiation is always obvious.