21 enterprises and individuals have been listed by the regulators

 21 enterprises and individuals have been listed by the regulators

According to the reporter, in the future, some listed companies will be investigated by the regulatory authorities due to suspected information disclosure violations.

*St Silver Pigeon announced on the evening of May 17, and the company received the notice of investigation from CSRC on May 15. Because the company is suspected of illegal information disclosure, the CSRC decided to file an investigation.

Prior to the 2019 annual report disclosed by * ST silver pigeon, the audited institution of the annual report (Lixin Accounting Firm Management Co., Ltd.) issued an audit report with no opinion. According to the special statement of relevant audit opinions, the listed companies have such problems as huge amount of illegal guarantees, large amount of trading customers and settlement abnormalities, large amount of related party funds occupation, large amount of commercial acceptance bills involving litigation, etc., which will have a significant and extensive impact on the financial statements.

In fact, it has been more than a year since the question of financial violation and violation of laws and regulations lingered over * ST silver pigeon.

Before the release of the 2019 annual report of * ST silver pigeon, the reporter of securities times also reported that the actual controller of * ST silver pigeon and the informant had been in deep disputes for many years. After the release of the 2019 annual report, the stock price of * St Silver Pigeon fell into a continuous downward trajectory. From April 30 to May 15, the companys share price dropped eight times and closed below 1 yuan / share for three consecutive trading days from May 13, with the latest price at 0.9 yuan / share.

Crack down on financial fraud

In fact, according to incomplete statistics from the securities times, since the implementation of the new securities law on March 1, 21 companies or individuals involved have been included in the investigation of the CSRC.

According to the public information, CITIC Guoan is mainly engaged in the investment and construction of information network infrastructure of cable television network and satellite communication network. According to the data of 2019 annual report, the companys operating revenue during the period was 3.5 billion yuan, down 11.92% year-on-year; the net profit was 6.4883 million yuan, and the non net profit attributable to shareholders of listed companies was - 279 million yuan.

Since 2019, CITIC Guoan has fallen into the vortex of debt default of controlling shareholders and judicial freeze of shares. As of the companys announcement on December 5, 2019, the cumulative number of frozen shares of the companys controlling shareholders has accounted for more than 80% of the companys shares.

In addition, * ST Pengqi announced in the evening of May 8 that due to the fact that both the company and the actual controller of the company are suspected of illegal information disclosure, the CSRC decided to investigate the case. *St Pengqi has significant risks due to a large number of illegal guarantees and fund occupation. The original expected disclosure date of the companys 2019 audited annual report is April 30, 2020, which has been announced to be extended to June 23. *St Pengqis 2018 annual financial report has been issued by Huapu Tianjian with no opinion. According to relevant regulations, if the companys 2019 financial report is still issued by an accounting firm with an audit report that cannot express an opinion or has a negative opinion, the companys shares may be suspended from listing.

In addition, as announced by Dechuang environmental protection on April 30, Cai Xuejun, deputy general manager and chief engineer of the company, received the notice of investigation from China Securities Regulatory Commission on April 29 due to the suspicion of short-term transaction.

According to the companys previous disclosure, Cai Xuejuns securities account frequently trades in the companys shares from June 14 to July 4, 2019. In 15 trading days, Cai Xuejuns securities account bought 55 times of the companys shares, accumulatively buying one point one five Ten thousand shares, the total purchase amount is thirteen point three two RMB 10000; 42 times of sales of the companys shares during the period, accumulatively sold one point one five Ten thousand shares, accumulated sales amount fourteen point two three RMB 10000, accumulated profit of RMB 9102 (tax not deducted).