Chelsea player dating female model arrested female body sick call ambulance

 Chelsea player dating female model arrested female body sick call ambulance

According to a neighbor of Odom, the sexy female model arrived at Odoms home at about 8 p.m. local time on Saturday. She looks very attractive, just like the kind of girl you see in love Island, the woman said. She has a very fashionable LV suitcase with her. This place is full of police. The hot spring area on the roof has been blocked, but I dont know if she was arrested because of the ordoy incident.

At the same time, another neighbor of Odom confirmed that his house did have a party: there are some parties here, but we dont know who should be responsible for them. There were several players in the building, but they had a party last night, and then the police were called in

It is worth mentioning that the local police in London also said that they received an alarm in the early hours of Sunday local time: at 3:53 a.m. on Sunday May 17, the police and the London ambulance service received an alarm saying that a woman was unwell. In addition, the police also said that at present the woman has been sent to the hospital for medical treatment, while a man was arrested on the spot and is still in custody.

As everyone knows, novel coronavirus pneumonia is the first confirmed player in the Premier League. After weeks of fighting the virus, Odom recovered. However, the Chelsea genius failed to resist loneliness in such a critical period, calling a sexy female model to spend a good night with himself. The novel coronavirus pneumonia is still in the most severe period, and it is not yet a big idea. Not long ago, the sun also reported that a Premier League star went to Paris for a sex party. At this moment, Odom once again made headlines, which is really sad.