Huang Jingyus former suicide? Female assistant: its his ex-wife who is still unconscious after rescue

 Huang Jingyus former suicide? Female assistant: its his ex-wife who is still unconscious after rescue

Netease Entertainment reported on May 18 that in the early morning of May 16, Wang Yuxin, Huang Jingyus ex girlfriend, sent a message to say goodbye to the world, suspecting that he had the idea of rashness, goodbye to the malicious majority of the world. Goodbye to the big boy who used to love and I love On May 17, a netizen claiming to be Wang Yuxins assistant sent a document confirming Wang Yuxins suicide, saying that Wang Yuxin had been out of danger after a day and a night of rescue and was now in a coma. He said that Wang Yuxin and Huang Jingyu had too many complicated things. Maybe it was because of the shadow behind these complicated things that Wang Yuxin had depression. It was because everyone misunderstood Wang Yuxin and scolded Huangs team for brainwashing which was very successful.

The full text is as follows:

Im sister Yuxins assistant. Ill explain what happened in the early morning the day before yesterday. Yuxin is still in a coma. Its good to save her life day and night. I was scared to death one day. If I was half an hour late, I really dont know if I would never see my sister again. In the early morning of that day, my sister sent me a short story to explain. She gradually explained several of her brothers. Its good that I saw them in time when I was sleeping without turning my voice on. Looking back on what happened in the past few years, my sister and Mr. Huang have actually become a lot more cheerful and gradually recovered to their previous living conditions. But this behavior let me know that my sister is sick, she just wants to leave the world without nostalgia, how can she not nostalgia, and so many love her relatives and friends. The doctor said that depressed and sick people usually cant see it, and there is a world in their smiling heart. There are too many and too complex things between their sister and Mr. Huang. Maybe its because of the shadow behind these complex things that makes her sick. I saw many fans who scolded her for being warm and the water army. You really misunderstood them, but you cant stop if you want to scold. I dont know why my sister sent this micro blog. She didnt mean anything to Mr. Huang. She didnt mention him at ordinary times! Its really boring to put forward things after a long time. Instead, a group of terrible fans are chasing their elder sister every day. No way, Mr. Huang is so powerful, and the teams brainwashing ability is also very strong. Isnt it a way to wash Mr. Huangs Tong sexual love drama with his elder sisters single mother? Mr. Huang, Im not aiming at you today. Do you think your ex-wifes scolding is not worth your while? Sister has no children. She can do anything for you! In her consciousness has been very low when the micro blog or to say goodbye to you, probably is a day husband and wife bairien bar. I write this article from the beginning to the end, because its not worth it. When can she end those shadows? You know what youve done in your heart. Youre so cool. You dont know that its someone elses life thats destroyed.

Wang Yuxin, former girlfriend of Huang Jingyu, wrote in the early morning of the 16th, saying: goodbye to the half of the world full of malice, and to the big boy who once loved me deeply. Later, he also praised a micro blog on Zhang Yi, which worried netizens.