Long face guard was launched by Xiaotong, Mao Xiaohui and Huaxi

 Long face guard was launched by Xiaotong, Mao Xiaohui and Huaxi

Keeping company with Huaxi trailer shows twin love warm and watchful affects peoples heart

The TV play Long Xiang Shou tells us that in the turbulent times thousands of years ago, hibiscus (played by Mao Xiaohui) and her twin sister huajinxiu (played by Kai Xuan) were sold to the power ministers original home as slaves, but they always yearned for the future. With the wisdom taught by their father and their own courage, they rushed out of the shackles of fate, and formed a deep relationship with their original third son, yuanfeibai (played by Yu Xiaotong), Duan Yuerong (played by Guan Zhibin), the son of the southern kingdom Fate, in the group of men and deer left behind a strong legend.

In todays release of the Xiangshou Huaxi version of the notice, through a scene of love and hate entanglement, it unfolds a persons Huaxi world with thousands of forms and feelings. The true love in childhood is romantic presented in many fragments of bold confession, sweet embrace and brave guard. However, in the face of fate, the sincere love between the two kids is blocked by separation. The entanglement between the two makes the two sisters, hibiscus and brocade, who were born and died together, make totally different choices. The twists and turns of the whole play and the strong and extreme emotional background are clearly presented. The group posters released on the same day are beautiful and magnificent, and the new style presented by the group is dazzling. Against the background of the high temple and the long history of the Jianghu, the protagonists revealed their own characteristics in their domineering or indifferent looks, which made us wonder about their different fates.

In the book of Long Xiang Shou, with the unique setting of twin love, hibiscus and huajinxiu are twin sisters who have experienced hardship and life and death, but they have embarked on a different life path under the fate trick; originally, Bai and Sima are twin brothers with similar appearance, but under the arrangement of the family, they stand in the sun and shadow involuntarily and meet with love in different ways By chance. The setting of twin love not only brings the plot conflict with full tension, but also interprets the different aspects of love in an all-round way for the audience, either sweet, or bitter, or hot blooded, or helpless, giving people all-round care and enlightenment, and bringing emotional comfort to the audience with the warm gesture of companion.

Leading womens inspirational and rebellious legend with positive value

In order to give the audience a Huaxi world that can match the expectations, Long Xiang Shou brings together the top creative team in the industry, vigorously restores the emotional intensity and intensity of the original work, and at the same time, creates the production details at the level of advanced customization.

Li Xiaowan, a famous domestic dramatist who once left a lot in the development history of domestic film and TV series with classic works such as Daming Palace Ci, orange red, and new dream of Red Mansions, is the producer of long looks, which provides a strong quality guarantee for the quality of the series. Director Wu Jinyuan not only praises his ability to control the rhythm of the story, but also pays close attention to the emotional needs of the audience. A series of works, such as biography of Chu Qiao and step by step alarming, have become popular. How he will present the complicated emotional disputes in long looks is quite a question to be answered. Guo Pei, an internationally renowned fashion designer, creates the gorgeous costumes of the characters in the play with high standards, and infuses sincerity and ingenuity in one stitch. With the support of the trump card creative team, long face guard strives to break through the upper limit of quality from story, emotion, vision and other aspects, bringing more surprises to the audience.

But under the sentimental emotional writing and dazzling Huafu aesthetics, the most touching plot of the novel is the experience of hibiscus flowers seeking happiness and growing up all the way. In the turbulent times, hibiscus sticks to her original heart and self, which not only represents the warmth of love and tolerance, but also shows the infinite sense of power contained in these qualities. With this watch for justice, she resists many temptations and crises in her growth, and finally finds light and true love, which conveys an independent and righteous outlook on life and growth, which is very inspirational.

Source: Netease Entertainment editor: Chen Shaojie