Teslas next super factory in musk, Texas or Austin

 Teslas next super factory in musk, Texas or Austin

According to foreign media reports, Teslas factory in Austin will be used to produce electric pickup truck cybertruck and cross-border sports multi-purpose electric vehicle model y. The former was launched in November last year and is scheduled to start mass production next year. The latter was launched in March last year and started production in the assembly plant in Fremont in January this year. Delivery has started in March.

According to the reports of foreign media, musk hopes that the plant will start construction and put into production quickly. He has asked the engineering team of Nevada super plant to start relevant matters of the new plant. The goal is to produce model y by the end of this year. The planned construction speed is far faster than that of Shanghai Super plant. It only takes 11 months for Shanghai Super plant to start production from construction to approval.

Of course, the source also revealed that Teslas goal should be to build a general assembly line and have production capacity by the end of the year. They will continue to build factories so as to increase the production capacity of different parts in the next year and start to produce electric pickup trucks later next year.

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