The state of the United States has revised its death statistics standard: the number of deaths has plummeted by nearly a quarter

 The state of the United States has revised its death statistics standard: the number of deaths has plummeted by nearly a quarter

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Some deaths may not have been caused by the new coronavirus. We began to doubt the correctness of these figures, Frances said

A coroner in Montezuma County, Colorado, said a man infected with the new coronavirus actually died of alcoholism, but was also classified as a new coronavirus causing death at the time of registration in the state.

Part of the miscalculation is due to the way Colorado informs the federal national statutory disease surveillance system of deaths, Frances said.

In addition, according to Colorados policy, the state will not unilaterally change the information of the death certificate and will not question or attempt to change the doctors diagnosis or the cause of death.

Colorado governor Jared poliss office issued a statement Friday in support of the change, saying it did not have to adhere to the guidelines issued by the Centers for Disease Control and prevention.

The governor praised the efforts made to ensure transparency in Colorados communications, and therefore fully supported the Department of public health and environments statement on how many people died of the new coronavirus without fully complying with the CDCs guidelines, taking into account those who were infected with the new coronavirus at the time of death but did not necessarily die of it, the statement said

If novel coronavirus pneumonia patients have some basic diseases, such as hypertension, diabetes and some other complications, Zhao Weiceng has a low immunity. If the virus enters the body, the immune factors will not respond so quickly because of poor immunity, said Zhao Weiceng, director of the three class biosafety laboratory, who participated in the fight against SARS.

In this case, after the immune stimulation, the number of cells infected by the virus in the body is already large. After the immune stimulation, a large number of host cells will be destroyed, and the symptoms will be very serious, such as poor breathing, organ failure, etc. if not treated in time, it is easy to cause death.

A novel coronavirus pneumonia, a member of the American Food Technology Association and a member of the scientific squirrel Association, has pointed out that self limited disease such as influenza and new crown pneumonia can damage other functions of human body, or cause complications, aggravating or even death if the symptoms are heavier.