North American observer trump can brainwash people, but its all pseudoscience

 North American observer trump can brainwash people, but its all pseudoscience

u25b3 Center for infectious disease research and policy, University of Minnesota: there is no evidence that the new coronavirus came from the laboratory.

The center for infectious disease research and policy at the University of Minnesota, US, published a paper Tuesday, sorting out the views of authoritative medical experts on the issue of new coronavirus, and refuting various provocative conspiracy theories that have been flooding the Internet recently. Dr. tanley Berman, Professor of immunology and paediatric infectious diseases, said: at present, we dont know enough about the coronavirus to deliberately create a virus to spread the disease. Its nonsense to claim that the new coronavirus is a biochemical weapon made in China. In addition, the article also said that the new coronavirus receptor is extremely wide and has no genetic similarity with any known virus, so it is impossible to produce the virus through bioengineering.

James leduk, Professor of immunology at Galveston National Laboratory, said, it is unlikely that Professor Shi Zhenglis infectious diseases laboratory in Wuhan has a high level of biological protection and the most stringent biological safety protection. All along, Professor Shi is very open, transparent and has a high sense of cooperation. I have no reason to doubt her.

Angela Rasmussen, a researcher at the center for infection and immunity at Columbia University, said that the most reasonable explanation should be zoonoses spillover, that is, accidental contact between humans and wild animals causes the virus to infect humans.

The discussion is basically over: why do scientists think that the origin of coronavirus in Wuhan laboratory is extremely unlikely. (image source: gettyimages)

According to the May 8 issue of vanity fair, the origin of the virus remains a mystery. Novel coronavirus pneumonia cases were diagnosed in France last December 27th, 1 times earlier than the first reported cases in China. In the months before the first confirmed case in January, the virus may have been present in Europe, the United States and other regions, according to British researchers. Any attempt to find a patient with number zero is meaningless, because too many patients may be potential patients with number zero, and it is almost impossible to trace the source, the researcher told CNN

At the same time, its difficult to confirm the initial statement that the virus comes from laboratory bats, because in a large number of animals, only a small part of them are actually infected, and may only be temporarily infected with the virus, and the probability of randomly finding an animal host with the virus is very small. Therefore, it is very difficult to find the source of virus from animals. There is no scientific basis for the statement that bats in laboratory carry virus.

The Atlantic Monthly reported that the victory of conspiracy theory: the democratic values since the enlightenment in the United States are gradually dying out.

Jeffrey Goldberg, editor in chief of Atlantic Monthly, sharply criticized the conspiracy theory as power doctrine on May 13, and pointed out that President Trumps use of conspiracy theory in power was contrary to the democratic politics that the United States has always supported. How can anyone who believes in conspiracy theory be elected president? Goldberg asked? The upcoming election is not only a political contest, but also a referendum on American democratic values since the enlightenment. Trumps conspiracy theory is threatening the survival of the United States.

Us netizens: the rumor that the laboratory leaked the virus is untrustworthy

Internet users in the United States have questioned the dissemination of laboratory conspiracy theories on social media.

I believe what this excellent and impartial American researcher said in the business insider article, the new crown virus is definitely not leaked from Wuhan laboratory.

Thats right, but the virus doesnt come from the lab, because theres no evidence that the virus was leaking from the lab at the moment.