Great changes on the cloud! What has Cliff Village experienced in recent years?

 Great changes on the cloud! What has Cliff Village experienced in recent years?

Because the 800 meter Road on the cliff is too steep, this is the first time for a 75 year old father of salad Bo to go down the mountain in recent years. For the villagers of aturier village, moving is not only from the mountain to the county, but also to say goodbye to this cliff and previous life.

This is the picture taken by the reporter in 2016. This 800 meter cliff rattan Road, made of wood and rattan, is the main channel connecting arturier village and the outside world. Therefore, it is also called cliff village. The precipice is steep, and the place where people can get off is not even as big as slapping. In the memory of the villagers, about 10 people have fallen off the cliff and died.

Because of the problem of the road, few girls are willing to marry on the mountain, and few teachers can stay on the mountain. There is no school on the mountain, and the children can only climb the cliff to go to school at the foot of the mountain. They have ten days of classes and five days of vacation. They have to be picked up by their parents after school. Road, seriously restricted the development of cliff village, but also placed in front of the local poverty problem.

A lamb fell on a cliff, 100 meters high, 30 stories high, but the villagers risked their lives to save the lamb.

Cliff Village Road is the key to the problem and one of the reasons for poverty. But road building was not realistic at that time.

At that time, there were 33 villages in Zhaojue County where aturier village was located that were not accessible. Can we move them immediately? More than 40% of the villages in Liangshan Prefecture where aturier village is located are above the altitude of aturier village. Some of the soil in these villages has been seriously degraded, and they often have no harvest. Some of the mud rock flow disasters occur frequently, which threaten the life safety of the people at any time. The need for relocation of these villages is more urgent. In the short term, the road is difficult to repair and cannot be moved. What about aturiel village?

Although the problem of the road cannot be solved immediately, we cannot wait to overcome poverty. Since 2016, the poverty alleviation of aturiel village has started on the cliff. Seeing that sheep raising is the main industry of cliff village, the poverty alleviation cadres want to set up a sheep raising cooperative in the village.

What is equity participation? How to pay dividends? Why do you do this? What are the benefits? Through repeated explanations by cadres, the villagers gradually understood the concept of cooperatives. Later, aturier village held the first villagers meeting, using potatoes as votes, and passed the decision of sheep raising cooperative.

It is only the first step to change the concept of production. In order to expand the operation and improve the living environment of the village as soon as possible, we have to do articles on the way. Its impossible to spend 40 million to build roads, so we should first transform rattan ladders. In July 2016, Liangshan Prefecture and Zhaojue County government raised 1 million yuan and decided to transform the dangerous rattan ladder of cliff village into a more solid and safe steel ladder. Because the terrain is too steep, there is no construction team willing to take over the project. The cadres decided to mobilize the villagers to build by themselves. To this end, every family in the village responded positively.

The rattan ladder became a steel ladder. Soon, the village was connected with running water, stable electricity, mobile phones, and broadband. With the improvement of infrastructure, the horizon has been opened. Before, the terrain was the short board of cliff village, but the precipitous and majestic mountains and original ecological Yi villages here were unique tourism resources.

In order to create cliff villages own tourism characteristics, the villagers began to learn. The local government and tourism companies organize the young people in the village to go out to places like Dali where the tourism industry is relatively mature, and make on-the-spot investigation on how to do tourism in similar areas.

After learning, some villagers became tour guides. Soon, some villagers opened a small sales department and a folk reception point. The tourism industry has gradually started. The short steel ladder has quickly become a net red card punching place for tourism. According to preliminary statistics, the number of tourists climbing the steel ladder in 2019 is close to 100000. More importantly, the tourism industry has strengthened the connection between aturier village and the outside world, further changed the backward concept of the villagers, and strengthened their motivation and confidence to get rid of poverty.

Cliff Village from closed to open, the villagers gradually have money more insight, but also realize the importance of education knowledge. At the beginning, because the villagers didnt have the common sense of transplanting with soil, half of the seedlings that were first transplanted died, causing great losses. Many people in the village cant speak Chinese and cant recognize very many words. Since 2017, with the opening of this preschool education center, children can go to kindergarten free of charge without going down the mountain.

Let children have good living habits since childhood, teach them to master Mandarin, and have the ability to communicate with the outside world. Compared with 2016, when facing the camera, the children in the village are no longer shy. The villagers said the children were the highest starting point in the villages history.

With the joint efforts of poverty alleviation cadres and villagers, cliff village has been improving constantly. The average annual income of the poor has increased from less than 2000 yuan in 2014 to about 6000 yuan in 2019, but the poor objective living environment here cannot be changed. In 2019, there are still 401 people in 84 poor households with registered cards.

This year is the final year for the decisive victory in poverty alleviation. As part of the largest poverty alleviation and relocation project in Sichuan, 84 poor households in cliff village moved from Adobe houses on the mountain to buildings in the county town from May 10 to 14.

In view of the precipitous road and safety, it is inconvenient to carry major furniture. In the new house, basic household appliances and furniture such as TV, sofa and bed are purchased in a unified way by the way of villagers self purchase and government subsidies.

Its not easy to move, especially after moving. In order to solve the employment problem of poor households, Zhaojue County has started to build more than ten modern agricultural industrial parks around the resettlement site, and will arrange poor people to work nearby. At the same time, cliff village and Guli grand canyon tourism industry will continue to develop and develop, the adobe houses of villagers will become tourism resources, and the villagers will continue to eat tourism rice.