Trump in American eyes: he has a secret weapon

 Trump in American eyes: he has a secret weapon

Exposed ignorance, arrogance, bigotry

A wonderful way to shift the blame to the States, throw away the pot in China and cut off the supply to who

Shameless act of refusing scientific guidance and spreading rumors

All sorts of absurd actions are unimaginable

Attacks on trump administration by mainstream media in the United States

It has also reached a new historical height

Trump in the eyes of American media


New York Times:

Its his secret weapon

April 24th

New York Times columnist

Published a column called

Trump is destroying himself in front of the public

Bruni lashed out at the article

Trumps ignorance, conceit and self contradiction,

Ridicule his absurd statement that injection of disinfectant can kill the new crown

Its the gibberish of a frustrated, lost, increasingly desperate person

Bruni thinks

To be re elected, trump will adopt

Tricks and lies that none of its worst rivals will try

His secret weapon is his astonishing shamelessness

As long as we can continue to rule this mess

He will destroy everything that needs to be destroyed.

Thousands of Americans are dying, and what has the president done? Spread false information. Spread false hope. Recreate history, reimagine science, chatter about self righteous heroism, complain about the sacrifices you have made, and attack anyone who questions him. There is no leadership, only grandstanding. No empathy, only Snickers. In this way, he wants to be re elected.

Bruni pointed out

Trump for re-election

Theres a big gamble going on

And his recklessness


Washington Post:

There are ugly paradoxes in the presidents lies;

Its a state sanctioned Massacre

May 7th

Washington Post columnist

Greg Sargent wrote

Trumps latest lies

Sargent quipped

They are not willing to take concrete measures to restore the country to normal

Because he was worried that the latter would reduce his chances of being elected

In our ongoing novel coronavirus struggle, there is an ugly paradox: on one line after another, President Trump is trying to create an illusion that the United States is returning to normal rather than taking concrete measures to achieve this.

Sargent pointed out that

Its a huge fallacy

But before the public health crisis really gets under control

Trump needs people to believe that the economic and health crisis is improving, and he needs that to happen before November. As for whether the economic and health crisis can really improve, he doesnt care.

May 9th

Washington Post columnist

Dana Milbank

Trumps governments sudden unseal

This is a state sanctioned Massacre

Deliberately sacrificing the elderly, workers, blacks and Hispanics

It was a state sanctioned massacre. The trump administration considers it acceptable to add 2000 avoidable deaths a day. They thought the victims were idiots working in meat processing plants, not ordinary people, as Pershing rogansack, chief justice of the Wisconsin Supreme Court, put it, which was impressive.

And blame his predecessors, rivals and the media for his incompetence

As we move toward a painful autumn

He has to bear the consequences of what will happen

u2014u2014Politically and morally


The president had a cold, ruthless political calculation

May 8th

David Axelrod

Commented that

Compared to the lives of our own people

Trump is more concerned about this years election

He supports reopening

Its not about people, its not about science

At the end of the article

Axelrod wrote in disappointment

A responsible leader should be different

Should have followed science and told its citizens

Stopping bad prescription drugs halfway will only prolong the pain.

And if you expect trump to

Then youre naive

Its very important for our country

Its a sad time


Philadelphia Inquirer:

Never seen anything so brazen

In a commentary by Trudy Rubin

Trump has joined the ostrich League of loser leaders

Misleading the whole country in the detection of new coronavirus

Instigate protesters to resist home quarantine restrictions in the States

And to attack the Democratic governor

In the weeks I covered this global crisis

Never seen anything so brazen

Of course, Trumps contempt for science is no secret. Despite all the warnings, he failed to take covid-19 seriously for weeks, at a high cost to the United States. He advocated unproven drugs. He refused to develop a nationwide antibody test program, although it was an important prerequisite for economic restart.

But last week, the president reached the height of his declaration of war on science, urging protesters to protest home segregation restrictions in several state capitals.

For weeks, trump has misled the United States about testing infected people, falsely claiming that the United States is doing better than other countries.

At the end of the article, Rubin said

We all want life back to normal as soon as possible

But trump abetted conspiracy theorists, anti vaccine activists

And a lot of citizens who are really scared

Using these people to ignore the painful shackles of science

This is unacceptable

May 11 White House press conference

Questions about CBS Chinese female journalists

And you keep boasting that America is doing better than other countries

Trumps angry response

At last, I left

In response, CNN host Wolfe Blitzer said in the program

Trumps one hour press conference in Rose Garden

End with really, really yugly

Biting China without any evidence

American mainstream media

April 25th

Washington Post Comments

Criticizing the two parties of the United States for publishing rumors of inciting Anti China in order to win votes

And point out that this kind of behavior is especially irresponsible during the epidemic

And this cooperation is essential to defeat the new coronavirus

Speculation about China is nothing new in the presidential election, but it was especially irresponsible during the outbreak. At a time when Asian Americans have been under unreasonable attack, it portrays China and the Chinese people as enemies, which may complicate cooperation with China, which is essential to defeat the new coronavirus.

According to the Washington Post

The future president of the United States

Whether its trump or Biden

It is necessary to keep channels open with China

A new crown vaccine may also be developed or manufactured

The Washington Post also advertised Bidens

False information refuted

State Department

It only facilitates the donation of private charities to China

Its the hot spot of Chinas epidemic to the United States since then

May 6th

Max Baucus, former US ambassador to China

In an interview with CNN, he said

Its very similar to the Hitler era of the 1930s

You all know whats going on is wrong

But they didnt come out and say anything

Because theyre scared

May 10th

CBSs 60 minutes

The rumor that the new coronavirus originated in Wuhan laboratory was refuted

The widespread conspiracy theory basically ended the communication between Chinese and American scientists

Learn from Chinas experience to better control the epidemic situation in China

No surprise

Compared with American mainstream media

Now hes campaigning

The luckier who turns against the wind

This year, we played let America continue to be great


But in the face of more than 1.4 million confirmed cases and more than 80000 deaths

And the unemployment rate, which soared to 14.7 percent

Can trumps good fortune work again?

For this

New York Times columnist

Frank Bruni

Write in the article