The biggest success of married men is to make women feel at ease as full-time mothers. She is the hero of the family

 The biggest success of married men is to make women feel at ease as full-time mothers. She is the hero of the family

Recently, I received a message from a reader about stay at home wives and stay at home moms.

The reader of the letter is a full-time mother who resigned because of her pregnancy.

Originally, she had the same job as her husband, even her future was better than him, and her ability was better than her husband.

But, for the sake of her children, she quit her job and focused on taking them.

That kind of career brings her a sense of achievement that children cant realize.

For this reason, she also began to discuss with her husband how to make adjustments, and finally persuaded her mother-in-law to bring the children.

This mother-in-law is just too busy to give her daughter-in-law a hand. She says she cant take her child to the hospital. She is always sick. There are a lot of reasons for her back ache.

She has to quit her job and continue to be a full-time mom.

The readers husband, for the sake of his family, is also busy leaving early and returning late, and has little time to bring his children.

As a full-time mother, the reader is under great pressure. She takes her children alone, and she also has to participate in kindergarten activities.

Even if you want to take your children out to play, you cant control the scene. You need to prepare your childrens clothes, food and toys, and keep a firm eye on your children to prevent them from being watched by bad people.

All these efforts, if you can get the understanding and recognition of others, maybe, as a full-time mom, you can get a little comfort.


The most terrible thing is: many people think that she is very relaxed, but is to bring children at home.

My God? Is it easy to take children? 99% of the people who can say this sentence do not do it by themselves. They will only stand on the commanding height of morality and condemn others. If they say it badly, they will not feel back pain.

They will never know how tired they are to do laundry and cooking, housework and how hard it is to deal with children.

It is the letter from this reader that makes me think about the value of full-time wife and full-time mother.

Because her contribution can not be quantified as a specific amount, but it is indispensable for this society, even the support of the rear area.

However, this is life, a topic that full-time mothers cant avoid. For the husband who works outside, for the children, and for the family to come back, they have a hot meal.

Mom said, you are still young and need to be taken care of. Moreover, your fathers monthly earnings are handed over to me. We agreed that if he makes money to support his family, I will take care of the children.

Maybe its because dad gave her enough trust. Dad took care of all the money he earned. Every night when he didnt have to work overtime, Dad would go home early and buy some meat to eat together.

They recognize each others efforts and think its just different roles.


After having a child, I found that such a lovely little person would really change the decision of parents.

Todays children are just a fragile little life, unable to take care of themselves. I mainly take care of children. When the children go to kindergarten, I will return to the workplace.

Because its a voluntary choice, and my husband is grateful that Im willing to work for my family, I naturally have less complaints.

However, it is these years of taking children that I have heard some bad voices.

What do you say you dont make money? You only spend money. What do you say you get higher education? Youre not a full-time mom yet.

As a full-time mom, I am curious: why do some people think that I should go out to work to make money?

I just want to ask: do you take the baby for me? Or do you pay me to have someone bring it?

In order to better bring good children, I constantly urge myself to learn more knowledge of parenting and constantly improve myself.

There are also information about the outside world, so its not really because they take their children away from the world and derail the world.

He ran for rent, take out, express delivery and so on. Everything was done. We didnt officially plan to have a child until he paid off the debt.


Today, he has done well in a company. He is already a department manager, who can stand on his own and earn a considerable amount of money.

He always talks to me about wife, youve suffered, you can only take care of your children at home for the time being, and he feels guilty. He knows that I have to take care of the whole family and take care of my childrens housework, which costs a lot of physical and mental energy. Its not easy for me to spend years and months.

Choose what you want, accept the result of your choice, and be responsible for every choice. This is our ordinary life.

After several years of marriage, I have come to a conclusion:

If a man can make his woman feel at ease as a full-time wife, then he must be a very excellent person.

Because such a man can give women the most sense of security and trust, he is particularly interested in family.

When his wife receives the feedback of his love, she will enjoy the familys efforts and have less resentment.

When the rear area of the family is stable, a man can naturally work in peace of mind and gain a sense of achievement in his career. At the same time, he can improve his familys living standard and let his women spend money without shrinking their hands and feet, thus forming a virtuous circle.

There is a saying that is the best: since you come to spend your life with this person, you should keep the love and enthusiasm of life and make every day hot.

Author: tease, focus on the study of sexual marriage.