Gong Li is surrounded by hula hoops. Please stay away from these dresses if you have a small belly

 Gong Li is surrounded by hula hoops. Please stay away from these dresses if you have a small belly

Many girls who accidentally have little belly or hula hoops on their waists, how can they dress more to cover their flesh and show their thin? CICI, the fairy, advises you not to touch these clothes. Whoever touches them will regret it.

1. Do not wear tight reflective fabric, far away from silk satin tight skirt;

A womans figure is the most beautiful scenery of a girls own. The beautiful curve not only keeps the eyes happy, but also attracts other peoples attention. The envious eyes make you proud and confident!

But if you accidentally grow fat and have a small belly, you need to pay special attention to your daily wear in summer. Its not what other people wear that looks good, you just wear it like the wind. Especially for dresses.

When choosing a dress, the fabric selection is also very important. For example, silk and satin materials, especially the clothing fitting style with these materials, should not be selected. Because silk and satin are soft and smooth in nature, they are very close to the body. At this time, the waist or abdomen of the female leader will be easily exposed with a little extra weight.

Nowadays many middle-aged women especially like to wear traditional cheongsam. But most women in their 40s and 50s are fat, with small bellies and even hula hoops around their waists. Such a figure is not suitable for wearing too tight cheongsam, because the waist defects are too easy to expose. Or, dont wear cheongsam at all.

So when women choose clothes, its better to stay away from silk, satin and other soft, too silky and smooth body fitting fabrics. Many people say it doesnt matter. I just dont wear tight ones. Buy loose ones and bigger ones. In fact, even if these silky soft fabrics are not tight, loose ones are not good. Because when you wear these fabric skirts and walk on the street, a gust of wind blows in front of you, the close fitting and soft fabric will immediately make your hula hoop and so on nowhere to hide, exposed!

Just like the elder sister Gong Li, she went to an activity and wore a white dress. It was really amazing. She ruined her beautiful image day by day, and her belly was full of fat. It was really eye-catching.

2. Do not wear light color tight skirt,

Women with hula hoops should not wear light colored clothes, especially stay away from light colored skirts, dresses, etc. Especially those close fitting and tight tops.

According to the visual psychological function of color, the visual effect of deep tone and light tone clothing is different. Deep color has the function of contraction and introversion, while light color clothing has the function of expansion and increase, that is, the tension is stronger than dark color clothing. So in summer, women with small belly should stay away from light skirt and light top.

Especially for the slightly fat women, they should stay away from the light color tight clothes. These colors include light pink, light yellow, light green and light blue, etc. if they are not careful, they will expose them to the sun.

Dont wear tight dresses, especially straight skirts, because straight skirts are just tied around the belly of the belly, close to the belly, which is too cumbersome. Little tripe jumped on the paper. Its too ugly. As shown in the picture above, Jessica Simpson, a famous American singer and film actor, wears a leather skirt with hot eyes and a small belly. Dont wear it like this.

In fact, straight skirt is the single item that most tests womens waist and abdomen in all dresses. When you put it on, you need to observe the effect of the upper body. If you are not careful, it shows the fat on the abdomen, including the slightly raised small belly, dont wear it. Please stay away. When the straight skirt fabric is particularly smooth, such as silk, such as leather fabric, it will be more obvious belly.