Its too thorough for a ladys life to overturn!

 Its too thorough for a ladys life to overturn!

In the evening, I will sun art, diamond rings, bags, clothes and makeup on Weibo, and strive to create a life of Morandi lady artist.

But her husband, Lin Han, posted on his microblog photos of her mouth full of residue and eating noodles, slapping her face late in the delicate, elegant and ungrounded life of a lady. (but it seems quite true.)

Even if my husband no longer has eyes to see, he will stick to the business late and make unremitting efforts for the career of Lady artists.

However, in a photo the other day, she punched herself in the face.

In fact, the first time sheep saw this photo, it felt just like before.

Before late hand, the shape of hand is thin and slender, skin is tight and delicate, smooth and full. In a word, after looking at her hands, I know that her normal life must be ten fingers do not touch yangchunshui.

In fact, the contact of netizens is also reasonable.

The daily cleaning of hands will also take away a lot of grease and nutrients. In addition, the daily care rarely works on hands.

Therefore, compared with other parts, hand aging is faster and more obvious.

For example, Liu Taos anti-aging work on the face and neck is well done, which makes people unable to guess the real age. However, as soon as his hands are lit up, the real age will be exposed immediately.

In addition, many things do not need their own experience.

The sheep looked at the pictures of anti-aging models and celebrities and ladies, and found that their hands were really well maintained, their skin was tight and delicate, not dry and rough at all, and their lines were complicated.

For example, Zhang Xiaohui, a well-known woman raised from childhood.

Lee Young AI, a Korean myth.

And Liu mintao, the sister of the recent fire, whose hand care drops are also super good.

Therefore, its normal for netizens to sigh after watching the late hand that the life of a lady artist is just like this.

Of course, hand can not only reveal a persons life state and age, but also arouse many peoples Association.

I dont know if there are any sisters with a little hand control like sheep, or friends with a hand control.

For example, that kind of hand with broad and thick palm, thin and long fingers, distinct bones, and blue tendons on the back of the hand gives people a mature and stable feeling, full of power of Uncle boyfriend.

If the palm is wide and thick, the skin is tight and delicate, the bone joints and lines are clear and neat, the feeling of the elite boyfriend will come out.

And those hands are thin and long, with clear knuckles and fair skin. They give people a kind of delicate and gentle feeling. Its the same as the hands of her boyfriend.

Zhendi, its not just the hand-held party, many people will associate a person by hand.

For example, when the TV series translator was broadcasted a few years ago, the actor Chen HuangXuans hand was searched and discussed by netizens.

So, every time you see his hand, its always very dramatic.

Therefore, the hand can not only reveal a persons life state and age, but also has a great relationship with the presentation of personal temperament.

So what kind of hands are good-looking?

So, if your hand is relatively dry, and there are messy lines, is there any way to improve it?

At present, the medical beauty project of hand is not popular among the public, but the ladies and ladies are still in favor of it, which can make their hands more delicate, tender and smooth, and create a sense of delicacy of the whole body.

Generally speaking, the common methods are hyaluronic acid filling and autogenous fat filling.

With a small dose of filling, it can support the sagging skin and relieve the sense of toil brought by the protrusion of bone nodes. The following figure shows the immediate effect of the operation. Is it a pretty obvious roar?

Of course, these two methods have their own limitations.

For fat filling, because the skin on the back of fingers and hands is thin and the subcutaneous fat is very little, it is difficult to provide a good living environment for the new fat. In addition, the hands need to exercise regularly every day, so the fat survival rate in this area is low.

In addition to hyaluronic acid, autogenous fat filling, if there are more hand lines, you can also use hi body to improve, the principle is the same as the treatment of neck lines.

After talking about the medical and aesthetic methods of hand maintenance, the last thing sheep want to say is that the distribution of nerve tissue and blood vessels on our hands is very rich, and the flexibility of our hands is very important for our daily life.

In addition, the operation requirements of the hand are high and the demand is low, so even if the hyaluronic acid filling and autogenous fat filling are common operations, they can only be used in different hospitals or doctors with higher qualifications.