More and more men are obsessed with wearing high-heeled shoes. They dont want to take them off again

 More and more men are obsessed with wearing high-heeled shoes. They dont want to take them off again

There are many kinds of comfortable shoes, but none of them can convey dramatic effects like high heels.

Similar to the female demons who need Pradas blessing, the men in high-heeled shoes can sit in Maybach, more like the wild beasts unbridled gas.

Even if no one teaches us how to wear high heels, we will try it alone. William Graber tells the beast of the day.

William has been walking around wall street in high heels for 15 years. Unlike other traders who need girls and drugs, his secret is to wear high heels.

He said that high-heeled shoes make him closer to God, make him an elite in the workplace, and let him know that the most painful is the gentlest.

For men who like high heels, the benefits are endless.

Open and private, formal and sexy, delicate and sharp, they all find the opportunity to embrace their vulnerability and sensitivity in the strong and rough mining men.

From Las Vegas gamblers to PricewaterhouseCoopers accountants, from the 30000 foot flight cabin to the seaside of Cannes Film Festival, from the 2 yuan hotdog store downstairs to grandmas backyard with fruit growing shed.

High heels made it easy for me to get rid of the garbage.

According to an article published by time, men are actually more suitable for wearing high heels than women, and they are more likely to find a balance in chaos.

Abbott, President of the Arkansas high heels Association, said he was stopped twice a day by security guards, but was praised for the shoes.

On this day, he felt more concerned than usual.

Three years ago, he tried to wear high heels for the first time, and fashionable teenagers walked towards him in converse and hoodies.

They eat sandwiches, drink Gatorade, sit next to me and chat naturally. I realize the maternal brilliance I radiate at the moment, even if I am a straight man.

Sheriff Adrian said that wearing high-heeled shoes not only makes him more elegant and approachable, but also makes him closer to women.

When dealing with a case, a female suspect often tells the story in less than five minutes.

Its the seventh time Ive been rewarded. Ive been wearing my mothers high heels since I was 10 years old. She didnt know that they made me so good.

When a woman tries to assume the highest authority, the question of what kind of shoes she should wear becomes particularly complicated, such as Hillary Clinton, who can only choose high heels less than 2 inches.

Men are different. The higher the high-heeled shoes of men, the better their social wisdom is. Big stars will wear high-heeled shoes, and big villains will choose high-heeled shoes.

Men used to be attracted to women with high heels. Now, they are attracted to high heels themselves.

It has been said that women, by contrast, are considered emotional, emotional and uneducated, so high heels have become a major example of impractical wearing.

Every time you put aside a kind of obedience to the secular world, it means that your heart has another chance to approach freedom.

In the 1960s, men wore low-heeled cowboy boots, and some Playboys swaggered in muffin shoes in the 1970s.

But the era of men walking on tiptoe seems to have passed. Can we go back to the era when men crammed their big, furry feet into four inch, shiny, colorful heels?

So if you give a boy the right shoes, he can conquer the woman who conquers the world.

I have a feeling that if Kanye West or LeBron James put on a pair of high heels, it will be a new trend.

Theres no reason high heels cant continue to give new meaning - although we have to wait for real gender equality first.

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