British mothers renovation of ugly old houses

 British mothers renovation of ugly old houses

It looks like an ordinary house made of four square red bricks. Without any sense of design and beauty, the self built houses in the countryside that you have seen are ten times better than this!

But Joanne wont just make do with living here. It doesnt matter if she doesnt have the money to buy a good house. Ill change it myself! After nearly two years of transformation, Joanne finally achieved success. Joanne also shared the transformation results on her social media.

But after the transformation, the back was painted pink, super girl has not! It also creates a panoramic glass door, which not only shortens the distance between the house and the garden, makes the outdoor land be well used, but also greatly increases the lighting of the whole first floor! It looks like a beautiful coffee shop. The yard is also covered with beautiful turf, where Joanne often takes her children to bask in the sun.

Bedroom: the second floor of the house was originally a kitchen and lounge, but now Joanne has changed it into a bedroom. Almost only pure white is used in the bedroom. The color of white mainly conforms to the modern young peoples yearning for minimalism. Although the simple pure white style bedroom sometimes appears cold and empty, it can better release peoples mental pressure and become an ideal place for relaxation.

There is also a big mirror in the bedroom. Joanne is really a young mother who loves dressing up and living.

Bathroom: the old bathroom was narrow. I feel that the shower room is less than 1 u33a1. Dont you know how to extend your hand in it? And the small windows are very high, which makes the whole bathroom lack of light, looks dim and dark.

Kitchen: the original kitchen is relatively old and traditional American style. Although its not ugly, the decoration is really out of date.

After the transformation, a lot of marble floors and blue velvet seats are fresh and natural. And also changed to open kitchen, open kitchen in visual and functional through the white island platform and the external space have some connection. The setting of the White Island Platform blurs the functional boundaries of the kitchen, so that the same space can be used multiple times. Joanne can do it while watching the baby and her husband sit beside each other. From then on, cooking is no longer a lonely task, but a warm time for family interaction.

Now Joanne lives here with her childrens husbands. She drinks coffee in the morning and spends holidays with her children in the yard in the afternoon. Everything is so beautiful~

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