The amount of nucleic acid detected outside Hubei Province in China exceeds that in the United States

 The amount of nucleic acid detected outside Hubei Province in China exceeds that in the United States

At the beginning of the year, arafi, an Arab businessman working and living in Guangzhou, felt the challenges brought by the global epidemic to foreign trade business. When it comes to Chinas epidemic prevention measures, the president of Guangzhou Arab chamber of Commerce and Yemen chamber of Commerce gave a thumbs up.

Novel coronavirus pneumonia has been under control in China, he said. for a country with 1 billion 400 million people, this is great.

Three months ago, arafi returned to Guangzhou from his vacation in Malaysia, and has not left since. Later, the community provided him with free nucleic acid testing. The medical staff are very considerate. Theyve set up a test point, and Im ready to go. He said.

Nucleic acid detection is recognized as the gold standard for the diagnosis of new coronavirus infection. China promotes due inspection and willing inspection of nucleic acid detection, so as to accurately and efficiently fight against the epidemic from the source, safeguard the health of the masses, and promote the full resumption of work and production.

On February 1, in Guangzhou, Guangdong Province, testers were reading a label on a sample bottle for nucleic acid detection. (provided by the interviewee)

Nucleic acid detection: finding and cutting off the source of infection

In April 22nd, novel coronavirus pneumonia epidemic leading group was convened by the Central Committee, which called for accelerating the detection capability and carrying out nucleic acid and antibody detection on a large scale. It pointed out that this is conducive to precise prevention and control, safeguarding the health of the masses, and helping the staff to flow reasonably and promote the comprehensive resumption of work and production.

From novel coronavirus pneumonia outbreak, WHO has considered every suspected case as the priority among priorities. In early May, who again stressed the importance of due diligence. Nowadays, more and more countries realize the importance of nucleic acid and antibody detection, and expand the scope of detection.

Data from the websites of the Ministry of health and the Centers for Disease Control and prevention showed that as of May 12, there were more than 2 million British swab and serological tests, and more than 9.72 million new coronavirus tests in the United States.

According to the novel coronavirus pneumonia control headquarters of Guangdong Province, the relevant situation of the epidemic situation in Guangdong has been generally improving. However, as a major province of economy and trade and a large population floating population, the risk of overseas input still exists, and it also faces pressure from the key areas and the reunion of the workers who resume production and re education.

The novel coronavirus pneumonia is the gold standard for the diagnosis of new crown virus infection. The new crown pneumonia prevention command headquarters of Guangdong province believes that, from the early stage of epidemic prevention and control in Guangdong, active nucleic acid detection can detect the confirmed cases and asymptomatic infections early, accurately identify and control the source of infection, thereby cutting off the transmission route, minimizing the risk of transmission, and will be of great importance to the society. The loss shall be minimized to ensure the smooth operation of economy and society.

The novel coronavirus strain, the first strain of the new strain of coronavirus isolated from Guangdong in January 27th, has successfully provided the important germplasm resources for the development of vaccines and antiviral drugs, the director of the Guangdong Provincial Center for Disease Control and microbiological examination, Wu Jie, has been working in the forefront of the epidemic.

From the personnel from Hubei Province to Guangdong Province, the personnel from overseas to the current personnel who return to work and resume production, Guangdong uses nucleic acid detection to carry out large-scale screening of key populations, which is done earlier, more, and better. This has played a key role in epidemic prevention and control, Wu said

On May 15, medical staff of Guangzhou first peoples Hospital handed the prepared nucleic acid test results to the tested person. Photographed by Hong Zehua

Should be inspected and willing to be inspected: where does the bottom gas come from?

On January 30, Guangdong Province began to carry out large-scale nucleic acid detection screening for fever outpatients, and then the coverage population gradually expanded, including close contacts, fever outpatients, patients with epidemiological history in medical institutions, Hubei to Guangdong and overseas importers and other key populations were included in the coverage scope.

The novel coronavirus pneumonia is the main force in the fight against the new crown pneumonia. The reporter saw in the first peoples Hospital of Guangzhou that the hospital specially opened a back to work clinic to facilitate the citizens to do nucleic acid testing. According to Cao Jie, President of the first peoples Hospital of Guangzhou, according to the requirements, the hospital has increased relevant personnel, and added reagent purchase, greatly reducing the time of nucleic acid detection. At present, the daily average amount of nucleic acid detection is about 1500.

Under the normalized prevention and control, Guangdong Province will continue to strengthen the construction of laboratories of medical institutions above the second level and disease control institutions above the county and district level, encourage qualified third-party testing institutions to provide testing services, and fully meet the needs of willing to carry out testing.

In the evening, there are more ambulances and logistics vehicles driving into Guangzhou Jinyu Medical Inspection Group Co., Ltd. These vehicles come from the citys centers for Disease Control and hospitals, and frequently transfer the new coronavirus test samples collected that day to the private medical laboratory.

From the new years Eve to now, our Guangzhou headquarters laboratory has been carrying out nucleic acid detection for more than 100 days. Cheng Yating, assistant to the president of Guangzhou Jinyu medical testing Group Co., Ltd. and general manager of the laboratory management center, said.

At present, Guangdong nucleic acid testing institutions have grown from 92 medical institutions, 37 disease control institutions and 6 third-party testing institutions to 170 medical institutions, 53 disease control institutions and 28 third-party testing institutions.

To meet the coverage of nucleic acid testing, we have launched all the institutions that can do it. According to the novel coronavirus pneumonia control headquarters of Guangdong Province, the Guangdong has 230 thousand nucleic acid detection capabilities per day.

On February 13, Guangzhou, Guangdong Province, the staff were working on nucleic acid detection. (provided by the interviewee)

Nucleic acid detection makes epidemic prevention and control more accurate and effective

One and a half months ago, Lin Bingliang, a doctor from Guangdong Province, followed Chinas anti epidemic medical expert group to Serbia to carry out epidemic prevention and control work. The chief infectious physician who has worked for nearly 30 years realized that for a country that has never faced such a major infectious disease before, improving the level of nucleic acid detection will be one of the key points for prevention and control. For a new disease, the key is to find it and then block the source. Lin Bingliang said.

When the Chinese expert group first arrived in Serbia, the amount of nucleic acid detection in the country was less than 300 cases per day. The nucleic acid screening was mainly carried out in the local infectious disease hospital, and there were not enough medical personnel who could take throat swab samples. At the expert groups recommendation, after one month, by expanding the number of detection points, the daily detection volume in Serbia increased to 3600. At present, the Serbian community outpatient service has opened case screening, and the first, second and third level hospitals can screen cases.

In Iraq, the Red Cross Society of China donated a set of nucleic acid testing laboratory equipment, including two PCR machines and 50000 nucleic acid testing reagents. Chen Huai, an expert from the First Affiliated Hospital of Guangzhou Medical University and a member of the expert group of the Red Cross Society of China assistance to Iraq, said: improving the detection capacity of new coronavirus in the local area will help to achieve early detection, early isolation, early diagnosis and early treatment of patients.

According to Abbas, President of the Iraqi Red Crescent society, Chinas assistance and the arrival of expert groups are crucial to Iraq, and detection is one of the most important measures to prevent and control the new crown epidemic.

Nucleic acid detection makes the epidemic prevention and control more accurate, effective and timely, while antibody detection is used to evaluate the infection situation of the population at the later stage of the epidemic development. The starting points of the two are different. Unlike other countries, which use infection rates to reverse the epidemic situation, we need to find out the disease and control it, Cheng said. Im very proud to be part of it.

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