Deepen the application of industrial Internet industry and activate new energy in coal field

 Deepen the application of industrial Internet industry and activate new energy in coal field

The industrial Internet provides strong support and services for the coal industry, and comprehensively improves the informatization capacity of the coal industry. The industrial Internet is facing the needs of digitalization, networking and intellectualization of the industry, and builds a new network infrastructure with the interconnection of people, machines and materials. It is the key support for deepening the new industrial revolution and deepening the Internet plus advanced manufacturing. The industrial Internet can help to open up the whole industrial chain of coal production enterprises, upstream production equipment and raw material supply enterprises and downstream consumer enterprises, and integrate multiple industries such as production and manufacturing, mining, chemical industry and electric power; it can also timely adjust production schedule, personnel arrangement and logistics scheduling according to the obtained information. By building a perfect network environment, security infrastructure and industrial system, we will provide services for survey and design, coal production, transportation and marketing, equipment manufacturing, supervision and supervision, and promote the digital, networked and intelligent upgrading of the coal industry.

The coal industry has the foundation to develop the industrial Internet, and leading enterprises have tried first. The integration of the new generation of information technology and the production, construction, transportation and marketing and operation of the coal industry has effectively promoted the overall informatization level of the coal industry, and made the coal industry initially have the basis for the development of the industrial Internet. In the aspect of network system construction, most coal mines have built industrial ring network and communication system of 100, Gigabit or even 10, 000 megabytes, laying a good foundation for data acquisition. At the level of equipment control, most of the coal mines have adopted mining control system, belt transportation control system, ground production control system, coal mine power control system, etc. to achieve the acquisition and automatic control of equipment data. In addition, some leading coal enterprises have tried first and set up a model role. For example, the Yikuang cloud platform of coal mining machinery manufacturing industry independently developed and operated by China Coal Group has been listed in the list of manufacturing industry innovation and entrepreneurship platform pilot demonstration projects by the Ministry of industry and information technology in 2019; Yankuang Group takes promoting digital transformation and reform as the overall idea, strengthens cooperation with IBM and sap, and speeds up the implementation of the master plan of big data engineering and the research and development of industrial Internet platform.

2u3001 Take industrial Internet as the starting point to promote the capacity of all sectors of the coal industry

Coal production is a complex system which integrates coal mining, tunneling, electromechanical, transportation, ventilation, geological survey, safety, scheduling and other links, and needs to cover all links of coal production comprehensively. In addition, the production link should be connected and coordinated with the operation link, even the coal traders and transportation and marketing enterprises in the middle of the industrial chain, and the downstream power, steel, building materials and other fields, involving multiple business functions and complex levels. The application of industrial Internet can improve the efficiency of resource allocation, break through the barriers of data flow, build a new organizational form and production mode, and gradually improve the production and management capacity of the industry.

Facing the production field, the application of the coal industry internet can help coal enterprises to accurately perceive the underground situation and help the intelligent mining of coal mines. In the aspect of underground mining, through the coal industry internet platform, we can perceive the underground personnel, mine cars, temperature, humidity, carbon monoxide, methane content, mine air pressure, wind speed and other relevant information, and use the information fusion algorithm to carry out multi-level, multi-faceted, multi-level processing of each sensor node information, effectively avoiding the phenomenon of single sensor information processing unclear It achieves the perception effect of information complementation and coordination, and realizes the accurate grasp of the underground situation. In terms of coal mine equipment, through the coal industry internet platform, the operation efficiency of mechanical equipment can be effectively improved, the energy consumption of mechanical equipment can be reduced, the intelligent transformation of coal production equipment can be accelerated, the linkage control of underground intelligent coal mining machinery and intelligent robot of coal mine can be promoted, so as to reduce the working intensity of underground workers and ensure personal safety.

Facing the field of operation and management, the application of the coal industry internet can help the coal enterprises improve efficiency and lean management. At the management end, the coal industry internet can help enterprises integrate the management structure from the grass-roots first-line production units to the middle-level management departments and the senior leaders, and realize the real-time and synchronous production management. To help enterprises improve management efficiency through flat management mode, so that enterprises can make rapid response to the increasingly fierce market competition, so that the production development of enterprises is consistent with the market pace. At the operation end, the coal industry internet can help enterprises to significantly reduce inventory, enable enterprises to realize multi batch, small batch and even zero inventory of raw materials from purchase to use, and then vigorously improve the capital turnover rate, so that the limited working capital can play the maximum value creation.

In the field of security, the application of coal industry internet can help coal enterprises to judge the risk in advance, support emergency rescue, and supervise remotely. In terms of risk prediction, relying on the Internet of coal industry can form a multi factor risk analysis capability, empower the jurisdiction, mining area coal mine, guide the supervision department and coal production enterprises to carry out key prevention and control. Through real-time collection of risk information, based on the theory of safety science and the main factors that lead to coal mine safety risk, a coal mine safety risk index system is constructed to achieve intelligent monitoring and early warning and improve the level of safety production decision-making. In the aspect of emergency rescue, the coal industry internet can integrate emergency resource information, establish the digital model of emergency plan, improve the understanding and control ability of emergency field, extract environmental characteristics for analysis and reasoning in the face of various complex non procedural problems, and provide emergency decision support. In the aspect of remote supervision, the data collection, transmission and sharing channels from enterprises to National Coal Mine Safety Supervision Bureau, Provincial Coal Mine Safety Supervision Bureau, sub Bureau and coal mine supervision departments at all levels can be opened through the coal industry interconnection, so as to realize the network connection with the grass-roots coal mine safety management system, multi-level analysis and risk assessment of dynamic data, and provide strong support for precise supervision and supervision Coal mine safety supervision enabling.

3u3001 Seize the new opportunity of innovation and development of coal industry interconnection and accelerate the new layout of integration and development

The in-depth development of the industrial Internet to the coal industry should be coordinated under the system layout and guidance. On March 3, the national development and Reform Commission issued the guiding opinions on accelerating the intelligent development of coal mines. Recently, the Ministry of industry and information technology also issued the notice on accelerating the development of industrial Internet. Under the guidance of the guiding documents, it will vigorously promote the application and layout of industrial Internet to the coal and carbon industry, strengthen the construction of cross-border mechanism and collaborative system, and promote the coal industry The Internet is developing in an all-round way.

Promote scientific layout and coordinate the development of industrial Internet industry. We will strengthen the overall guidance for the in-depth development of the industrial Internet in the field of coal, focus on key infrastructure, industrial support capacity and other core elements, and form a development strategy that focuses on breakthroughs and comprehensively drives development. According to the development level, actual situation and overall demand of coal industry in different regions, promote the construction of coal industry internet according to local conditions, and promote the development of coal industry internet reasonably, scientifically and orderly.

We will foster benchmarking demonstration enterprises and promote the construction of ecological systems. Relying on the industrial Internet application promotion committee, we will build a joint innovation center in the coal industry, implement a batch of application technologies, explore the development mode in the coal industry, give full play to the dominant background of the large proportion of state-owned enterprises in the coal industry, create a batch of settlement solutions for typical application cases in the industry, strengthen demonstration guidance, and accelerate the application and promotion of industrial Internet technology in coal enterprises. (China Industrial Internet Research Institute, China Academy of work safety)

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