The experience and lesson of 15 men and womens communication summarized by Zhihu in tears will be known as soon as possible!

 The experience and lesson of 15 men and womens communication summarized by Zhihu in tears will be known as soon as possible!

Experience 1: good feelings are almost equal.

The strength is equal, the feeling can last long. Many girls believe me privately. I like learning bully. The boy is good. How can I make him like me? I said he was so good. What about you?

Now the key is to make yourself as good as him, so that you can stand beside him with the most unquestionable attitude, so you should perfect yourself at all times

Experience two: whether you are together or not, if you are confused about whether a man likes you or not, he doesnt like you so much in most cases.

In the same way, if you dont know whether you like a person or not, you dont like him that much in most cases.

Experience 3. Dont think you know someone on the surface.

A person can be very good at the same time can be very slag, a person can be very successful in school or career, but he is not single-minded about feelings.

Understandably, because he is responsible for his academic career, this is his job, but he is not responsible for feelings or you, he just doesnt like you so much.

A person has many faces. If you want to be with a person, you must understand him, not just look at the surface.

Many girls like a boy, and the boy is good to her. The girl starts to worry about everything. She wants to know what he means to me. The boy is hot and cold, and the girl is scratching her heart.

Later, some of them couldnt help asking the boys if you liked me, or they confessed when the boys werent ready. As a result, most of the girls were out.

Men often cherish what they strive for, and dont let boys master you too easily. This sentence means dont change themselves into a state that I like you and let you handle it.

Men like the process of chasing and the pleasure of conquering. Those who take the initiative to send them are often less treasured. Just let it be, dont stick it up. On the contrary, dont set up layers of barriers, which will scare the boys away. Dont go to either extreme Dont worry, be calm and take the initiative.

Experience five, love a person and dont try to change him.

Because if he loves you, he will change voluntarily.

Experience six: if you are angry with a man, think twice.

Experience seven, never test human nature.

For example, many girls seduce their boyfriends with a series of attractive conditions, such as the head portrait of a beautiful girl with a wechat nickname, to test whether their boyfriends will hook up and really love you.

In addition, a beautiful woman with big chest, big waist, long legs and long buttocks, high educational background, etc., who can be shaped by any conditions you like, will explode in terms of conditions. If you spend your time on fake male tickets, its better to shape yourself into such a girl.

Also, if you know your best friend is beautiful, dont let them have contact all day long. The reason is not much, just do it.

Experience eight, have your own life.

Dont spend all your time thinking about him, wondering why he didnt return my information, why he didnt contact me actively His world is not only you, you are also. Dont lose yourself in love.

Experience 9, if you always think you are not suitable, it is not suitable.

The subconscious is right most of the time. Even if you love him again, dont waste time if you cant run in three or some aspects. If you feel something is wrong with him, you cant say whats wrong. Dont get tangled up again. If something goes wrong, you will find it is wrong at the beginning.

Experience 10, ML please bring a cover, no cover please take medicine.

Girls should not wait for their aunt to come and worry. Your body can only be responsible for itself. PS: girls are advised to get a HPV vaccine to prevent cervical cancer.

Experience 11: there is no good way to calm down immediately after breaking up, but time is the antidote.

Its normal to break up, but its always intense right now. When you are sad, feel sad and dont disturb each other. Feel the inner changes of this stage, and you will mature.

There is only one reason why he left you is that he doesnt love you. Since you dont love you, you dont have to worry about the reasons for breaking up. In addition, just break up must be disconnected. Said many are tears.

Experience 12: the biggest obstacle preventing you from finding Mr. Right is that you and Mr. wrong have been pestering each other.

Dont accept someone you dont like because you are lonely, dont forget someone who doesnt cherish you, how can you meet the right person when you stay with the wrong person all the time!

With people who dont really love you and support you, too much negative energy will consume you. Stop loss in time.

Experience 13, whether you and this boy are sincere or play, as long as it is in the ambiguous period, you should be prepared for the possibility of separation in the future.

If you are ambiguous, you should lose first if you are serious. Most men like to play with ambiguity, but its hard to distinguish whether its the ambiguity in the early stage of love or just the coquette. Some men are not clear about themselves, so they just set up their own alarm clock and have fun.

Experience 14: its hard to turn over a spare tire, especially for men.

When he just regarded you as an alternative, he basically sentenced you to death.

If you dont believe it, try it. Dont contact him for three months. If he doesnt find you, youre basically out of luck. If the spare tire doesnt count, youre a brain wreck.

Finally, the biggest experience is: love needs to work hard, needs to operate, and sincerity is not enough.

What do you want, what are you suitable for, how to get along with the opposite sex, how to win over the person you like, how to protect your love and marriage, how to deal with the emotional crisis, how to identify the bad man, how to distinguish whether you really love, how to resolve the conflict

These need long-term practice, not to age will understand, feel that they dont have to do anything, as long as quietly waiting for fate to pack the people you love to bed - how! Can! Can!

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