Work, love, friendship and myself

 Work, love, friendship and myself

When I brush Weibo, I see a post:

There are many reasons, in fact, predecessors have the answer, but life will not let you go, it will let you verify, to determine whether you really understand.

This may be the reason why life is difficult. Of course, we know a lot of reasons, but they dont necessarily apply to ourselves. They cant be applied directly. Its easy to live a good life, and we need to experience and explore constantly.

I occasionally ask myself, is everything really so bad? Do you want to be a deserter? Of course, my answer is no, and I believe you are too. When you say something disheartened, you will never compromise.

In fact, life is like this, many things did not move in the direction of the scheduled development.

Unfortunately, no matter how much heartbreak we cant change, what we can do is to say goodbye carefully and hope that everything will gradually become clear.

Wrong feelings, the important thing is to stop loss in time, dont always choose to forgive, yield, and then wronged yourself.

How beautiful life will be, we need to go ahead in the process, to experience to create, there will be unlimited space.

Of course, on the way, we should get rid of the wrong people and things, clean ourselves up, and constantly accumulate energy, so as to gain growth and better ourselves after ups and downs.


At the beginning of the month, my best friend and my husband divorced. An agreement was signed. It ended not only five years of marriage, but also all the promises and beauties of the past.

This girls man, in a treacherous way, destroys all her yearnings for marriage.

My best friend told me that he had endured the neglect and coping before, but the moment when he wanted to take the initiative in his own hands and decide to divorce was the real relief and want to live for himself.

A lot of girls have been hurt in their feelings, right? Those twists and turns will tear at the thought of the experience. How can separation not be sad if they really love each other?

But accept loves bad appearance and dont let those hurt and punish themselves. Only when you really put it down can you really start again.

After the divorce, through that painful time, my best friend spent all her energy on herself, taking the fitness coach certificate, taking various courses and dressing herself up meticulously

Even if most people are against it, I firmly believe that my best friend has made the right choice. This year 2019 is very painful, but it is worth it.


I saw the light in her eyes. It was really charming.

Xueer also bought a car she liked with her savings as a new year gift.

In fact, many late nights, she had been anxious and anxious with us, but on the second day, she went all out to make complaints about it.

When it comes to 2019, its hard to count those sad moments.

But when we think about it, its just through those hard and hard times that we have more preparation for life and become what we are today.

As Ronaldo said: your accumulation today, sooner or later, will become beyond the reach of others.

Although the bad mood is always there, its hard for us not to be around it. When we face it bravely and comb it again, there will be another harvest.

Life is a running train. In the journey of 2019, some leave to teach us to be better ourselves, some meet to guide us to a new direction, and we all grow into better ourselves, which is a great thing in itself.


I have always felt that when we go through a difficult period of life, step by step, we will become better and brighter ourselves, embracing our flowers and applause.

Of course, dear you, also want to love yourself well, be determined to be a better self, in the increasingly busy life, find the sunshine that belongs to you.

Dont always doubt that you cant, you are really much better than you think.

When you are sad, dont always suppress it. Let negative emotions make trouble in your world.

I cry when I am tired. I feel that the things around me are too bitter. I also remember to add a sugar to my life and then full of blood to revive.

Beiye Wu said a word: although hard, I will choose that kind of hot life.

I know that we are all ordinary people with seven passions and six desires. There are many emotions that can grind people. But we need to learn to cure ourselves, set up bad emotions, and make life clearer.

In fact, when we think about it carefully, isnt it the same every year? Its a good experience.

Mumu has her own lovely baby. The orange studio is getting better and better. Peaches live happily as always. But I go to work conscientiously. I talk to you in front of the microphone after I go home. I know a lot of good people. There is unconditional support and encouragement from you on the Internet. Think about it. All the experiences are really worth it.

Of course, I still hope that everything will be better in 2020, work, love, friendship, and myself. May we meet in the light of all difficulties.