All the recent happiness is from Guo Qilin

 All the recent happiness is from Guo Qilin

Guo Qilin is hot again.

In the new issue of yearning for life, little Tao Hong looks at the two girls in the program and sighs about the beauty. Guo Qilin follows her and sighs: I cant have a girl in my life. I really hate her marrying.

Its a question mark on everyones face: Im not old, I think a lot.

Netizens have said: is it too long for big Lin to ponder? Lets find a girlfriend first.

Dalin also added that if he had a daughter, he must not be cheated by a joker. Otherwise, the whole family would say crosstalk, what would it look like.

It has to be said that the mouth of Da Linzi is really broken. But I have to admit that this piece of broken mouth gives me a lot of happiness recently.

In please refrigerators, he showed us the real side of an atypical rich second generation.

I havent bought a house, but I still rent a house because I havent paid enough social security in Beijing for five years.

Its the first time Ive heard the word social security in a stars mouth, netizens said.

The rented house is just about right. The light is broken. As long as there are other light sources in the house, you can make it right.

The shower is broken. Search the cheapest online because you cant take it with you when you move.

Moving out of a suburban home and living alone in the city is not because of any family relationship, but because there is no delicious takeout nearby. What is the reality of the world?

Shopping desire is concentrated in the activity when, what double 11 ah, 618 ah, do not buy is a loss!!

I havent been a Tencent member, because Im waiting to record Tencents programs

Fan sichen, a small financial fan in Qing Nian, is free from this.

Even teacher he could not help sighing. This is the most stingy person I have ever met.

Of course, big woods also have generous time.

For example, when inviting friends to dinner, for example, when buying some electronic products for playing games.

Another example is the luxury car incident, which was previously searched by overheated people.

Last year, he drove a luxury car to the scene. Everyone was surprised. Guo Qilin finally had the appearance of rich two generations and little class master!

Once, he ran against the blasting point in a blasting scene. Although it was a prop, it was too close. A piece of debris fell near his eyes. He was very afraid. If he deviated a little more, he could not see it, but he had not even driven a sports car in his life.

So I went to the store and bought a sports car. The shopping process was less than 10 minutes.

Before, he always thought about what other people think of him and his friends think of him. Now he thinks its more important to himself.

Let the people who dont like you like you, how hard do you have to work?

For a long time, Guo Qilin has been growing up in criticism and questioning, not only from his father Guo Degangs frustration education, but also from the critical eyes of the outside world. Guo Degangs son, the young leader of Deyun society, has a good father in his family. He talks about cross talk generally and never surpasses his father. His poor acting skills are not from a professional background, but he goes to mix up with others

These comments are attached to him like labels. In a speech, he said that he could not coexist with these labels for some time, and felt like a wire pole with small advertisements. Because it was too full, no one else knew what the wire pole was like.

Confused, he ran to his father and asked, why dont they take the time to understand me and evaluate me?? Dads words make him suddenly open, so many people evaluate you, do you want to explain one by one? useless.

Why do I have to live in someone elses mouth? Isnt it good for me to live in myself?

Instead of worrying about how to remove these labels, its better to write a new label and put it on a label you dont like.

The second generation of stars is a label he cant tear off. Its fate, blood relationship and cannot be changed.

The answer is clear and simple.

Because Im not good enough, or Im not good enough for people to forget my identity and just think of myself.

He sincerely said that he would like to be given some time to work hard.

Just like he lost weight, it was achieved by a little bit of self-control.

Before he became famous, he suffered too many crimes and felt that these setbacks helped him to survive in the society. So he let Guo Qilin suffer many internal setbacks. If he ate up the losses at home, he could eat less when he went out.

This is also the reason why, in addition to his fat body, Guo Qilin once felt inferior.

In recent years, people who pay close attention to him can obviously feel the changes that have taken place in him.

How to earn self-esteem and self-confidence?

Through their own efforts.

First, he lost weight. He had a sense of control over himself. Then he went on some programs. Gradually, he found that he was not bad.

For example, recording a ceremony today, a variety show tomorrow, a reality show the day after tomorrow, and shooting a play the day after tomorrow. All parties meet all kinds of people in the society. They enrich his experience and experience.

He feels that his acting ability may not be fundamentally different from that of a few years ago. The biggest difference is that he has become confident.

I dont think anything else: can I do it? Its about everything: I can.

Guo Degang, his father who is stingy of praise, gave him a hug after the performance of his play the gift of the ox. After this half minute hug, Guo Qilin cried.

In the Chinese father son relationship, many children are waiting for their fathers approval. Guo Qilin has waited. He also understood that under such a way of education, his fathers deepest love for him.

Guo Qilin, who is recognized and confident, seems more and more different.

There is also an increasingly obvious feeling that when it comes to Guo Qilin, fewer and fewer people think that he is Guo Degangs son at the first time.

In yearning for life, Zhou Xun said the voice of many people now: I havent seen you, but I just like you.

He has recently appeared in please Fridge, yearning for life, listen to friends and the best brain and other programs. As a new season resident guest, run bar is coming online. He is becoming more and more popular as Guo Qilin.

As he said: I found that as long as my heart is clear, I can light up my heart, I can light up the road in front of me, and keep going like this, I will be seen by everyone sooner or later.

I also hope that Dalin will not forget what Guo Degang said in his family letter:

Its easy to be red, but its hard to catch yourself.

But do good, dont ask for the future.