Even if you are loved, prepare a tent for yourself

 Even if you are loved, prepare a tent for yourself

She has been in love with him for many years, and the best years of her youth have given him. The most beautiful smile to him, the most real tears to him.

He thought that he was going to enter the palace of marriage, but on the edge of such a well-known, he gave her a heavy blow.

He changed his mind.

She cried and asked him to stay. She even said, I dont care, as long as you stay, as long as you are still by my side, I cant live without you, without you...

He left anyway.

He entrusted her to their mutual friends and returned her to her relatives. He went to faraway places and lived a new life with another person. People who change their minds are all desperate.

My friend took turns to persuade her that he was not so good: you see, he has that ability. After so many years of work, there is no improvement, no big house, no good car. We will find you a man ten thousand times better than him.

Such persuasion, in fact, is also reasonable. She really cant say how good he is.

However, he was the first lover he fell in love with and got along with for more than ten years.

That kind of habit and dependence is like living in a city that you have been painstakingly managing. You thought you would live forever, but one day the city collapsed or was taken away. Being driven out of their own, helpless, no direction, no place to stay.

Looking back on her own, these years of dependence and habits, including relying on him to earn a living and a future, including enjoying his care and heartache.

At the beginning, it was a beautiful girl with beautiful flowers. Laziness is a kind of mischievous beauty, not to advance is a kind of disguised simple indifference and not utility. But after a long time, those who love you dont want to comfort themselves with such words.

The days are long, the youth has gone, the face has changed, the lazy people have become fat. The saying that I love you when you become anything is a beautiful love story when I love you.

If you become a pig, he may read that sentiment and continue to take care of you. But you are not so easy to see and accept because you are lazy and enjoy the extra weight of each others favor.

There must be a little bit of disgust and a little bit of fatigue.

You are becoming more and more childish, and he is becoming more and more mature. Then one day, he will not hold you who will not walk by himself, because his arm is numb and sour, and he is weak.

Regardless of his right or wrong, love is only a kind of icing on the cake after all. It is also a kind of illusory existence that no one can control.

So if you live in love or your lover as a city, you will have nothing when you lose it.

Its better to prepare a tent for yourself even in love.

Find an independent and firm dream for yourself, a dream that is not far away and can be realized, a way of living that can support the future and tomorrow, and a tent that can be camped everywhere after losing the city.

When that person leaves you, when the city of love collapses, you still have your career or dream, and your ability to survive independently. Of course, you have to have a less fragile heart, a heart with direction.

This is the internal and external strength that needs to be cultivated and forged in daily life. It is the necessary condition for us to go on a little bit smoothly and bravely in this world.

That is to say, the tent belongs to you. It can be opened for you at any time, to resist the cold and pain without the city, and to put an end to the danger of wandering on the street after losing the city.