Being a man, less hypocrisy and more sincerity

 Being a man, less hypocrisy and more sincerity

In fact, people are not stupid. Everyone has a steelyard in his heart. It doesnt mean that he doesnt understand anything without breaking it.

Be honest and kind when you are born.

Dont cheat those who trust you, dont hurt those who love you

The vast sea of people, many are passing by, many are casual friends, and someone can trust you without any precaution, really think for you, how lucky.

A person is willing to leave his heart and back to you, indicating that you are important in his heart.

But if you dont take this trust seriously and consume the sincerity and enthusiasm of the other party, the other party will gradually despise you.

After all, everyone hopes that when he treats others well, he can be treated with gentleness instead of perfunctory.

Trust only once, dont cheat; sincerity only one, dont hurt.

Sometimes when trust is lost, its not only character, but also valuable truth.

Since we chose to live up to others trust, we should be prepared to stand alone in the future.

Many people think that the biggest loser is to learn to play with the wind and the eyes, so that they can avoid failure, but they dont know, betray their true heart, treat others with hypocrisy.

Hypocritical people may get immediate benefits, but in the long run, they will narrow their own path.

02. No one is stupid, just willing to play dumb

There is a good saying: the people you can bully are those who are willing to give you bully.

Yes, because I care about it, I compromise. I dont want to overturn the boat of friendship, so I choose tolerance.

A lot of things, the other side is not to see do not understand, but choose to act confused;

So, no matter what the situation is, dont regard others ignorance as a kind of stupidity, and dont regard others kindness to you as the capital to hurt him.

No one is really stupid, just willing to play dumb for you.

But dont forget that the fool will also be cold hearted. Every time he takes out his heart and lungs, what he exchanges is a lie. Every time he treats each other sincerely, what he exchanges is betrayal, he wont be stupid again.

I would have thought of the moon, but the moon shines on the ditch.

Originally good intention to treat you, but you do not appreciate, then I will no longer close.

Flowers wither, next year will open again, people go far, often is a lifetime.

03. Be a man with less hypocrisy and more sincerity

Hypocritical people, no matter how well they hide, will show their horses feet. No matter how lifelike lies are made up, they will also show their original shape.

Seeing peoples hearts for a long time and deceitful deception may make people moved at first, but after a long time, the relationship will be gradually alienated, which will eventually destroy the character and lose peoples hearts.

On the contrary, we should use sincerity to meet each other. There is no insincerity, no thousand layers of routines. No matter who we are, we should be more sincere, less hypocritical, more treasured and less calculated.

Will bring you infinite warmth, not a cruel lesson;

This candor will allow you to meet many dignitaries, rather than betray.

As the ancients said, those who are moved by sincerity should be sincere.

With the mask of hypocrisy, we can never exchange long-term feelings. Only by delivering sincerity can we exchange the same amount of sincerity.

People to people exchanges have always been this truth.

You are good to others, others will be good to you, you treat everyone around you sincerely, you can get unlimited love.

Dont get away with it. Its all about calculation, playing tricks, and paying the bill.

In this life, if you want to have happiness, first of all, you need to be a person worthy of happiness.

Live up to every trust, do not hurt every sincerity, the rest of life, to meet the true feelings, meet the warmth.