This villain is getting rid of his guilt. There are so many people behind him

 This villain is getting rid of his guilt. There are so many people behind him

After the long article was sent out, Bao Yuming was once again searched on top.


Public opinion began to change.

Some people are led by Bao Yumings nose, questioning Li Xingxing.

Some people say that he (Bao Yuming) is not guilty until the law is passed.

Internet users are advised not to fight and kill.

Some people blame Li Xingxings mother for the biggest problem.

What kind of daughter can a mother with three wrong views educate.

Some people are directly qualitative.

Li Xingxing just didnt talk to Godfather. Internet users IQ has been rubbed on the ground.

Bao Yuming is innocent!

Turn it around,

You can turn to hundreds of similar messages.

These statues open the eyes of God.

See 13-year-old Li Xingxing and semi illiterate mother, plot to extort;

See 42 years old, highly educated, as an international barrister, and a number of corporate legal advisers, Bao Yuming, innocent by fairy jump;

See the 13-year-old Li Xingxing, use the youth body, let Bao Yuming fall step by step, spend money, energy and time for her;

See an old man who is unmarried for many years and finally waits for true love and is cheated by an underage girl.


I really cant find any words,

Describe how I think about these peoples fetid logic.

I think this kind of public opinion is the worst.

I still overestimate human nature.

On the fifth day of this long micro blog,

Another strange thing happenedu2014u2014

Bao Yuming has super talk!

Your product.

Youre fine.

Bao Yuming is going out of the circle and becoming a star?!

The number of support groups is not one or two

Just one day,

There were 19 people in the relay to join the backup team.

This super talk was reported many times and finally dismissed.

But Bao Yumings supporters,

Like locusts,

The wildfire is endless, and the spring wind blows again.

They immediately thought about it again,

Another way to hit Li Xingxing.

Taking advantage of the heat, they built a super talk.

This time,

The name is even more bizarre.

Its called Han, do you have a bad conscience?.

As of today,

There are 239 fans and 329 posts in this super talk, one hundred and seventy-four point one Ten thousand people read.

The content of super words,

It cant be described as ugly.

For example,

Praise Bao Yuming for not daring to take a photo together. He is a new good man with a good mouth.

42 comments and 85 likes.

Ridicule Li Xingxing in front of reporters, narrate the details of sexual behavior, face not red heart not jump;

Even when Bao Yuming is 48 years old, he is honest and hesitant about sex.

10 comments, 11 likes.

Talk about PTSD.

He also said that Li Xingxing was going to be Bao Yumings daughter-in-law.

28 comments, 11 likes and 1 forwarding.

Bao Yumings supporters,

He called Li Xingweis supporters the Korean party.

Twist the support for Li Xingxing into strategy.

In their eyes,

Public opinion is a conspiracy, and public anger is folly.

The worst part is,

Its said that there are some people who are dignified,

The essence of the siege on Bao Yuming is to forbid men to put the age of mate selection ahead, so that men cant form wives among young and pure girls.

Its not just Weibo.

Bao Yumings supporters also built a sticker bar.


You heard me right.

By the end of the post, there were 139 fans and 14544 posts.

Theres also a lot of collapsing talk.

Bao Yuming was called Bao Ye.

In their eyes,

Its a mans honor that Bao Yuming has sex with 14-year-old Li Xingxing.

It must have been poor and weak Li Xingxing,

Want to blackmail Bao Yuming.

After all,

Even if you have a relationship with Li Xing, its a whore, a buy, not a cheat.

Bao Yumings supporters are more and more rampant.

As long as they see someone supporting Li Xingxing,

Its going to be a rush,

Attack with all malice.

Blogger @ yupell is one of the victims.

As early as April 12,

When the whole network was still denouncing Bao Yuming,

She was attacked by Bao Yumings supporters for her comments questioning him.

She was called a womans rights slur..

She was mocked as pig brain.

even to the extent that,

The private letter cursed her for taking Li Xingxings money.

Standing beside Li Xingxing,

The elder sister who speaks for her and the elder sister of the victim of the sexual assault case of lawyer B in Yantai have been under great pressure all the time.

Every time,

As long as she conveys Li Xingxings words,

In the comments,

Malicious voices never disappear.

She was questioned to control the public opinion and to overthrow black and white.

To be referred to as a liar.

Even, he was reviled as procuress.


This is what happened in 2020.

After a series of malignant events,

Those who need to prove themselves,

Not the perpetrator?

With a posture of victims must be perfect,,

They are at the top,

Forcing Li Xingxing, and even every victim, must prove 100% that Im really hurt..

uring this period,

Bao Yuming has obviously left hot search.

Public opinion is like a hurricane,

There was a blast, and then he went elsewhere.

The memory of netizens is short-lived, because every day there are new things, you can eat melons, you can argue.

But today,

I want to talk about Bao Yuming again.

one side,

Behind this incident,

Countless Li Xing are still struggling in the night.

Being sexually assaulted is ones own fault, right and shameless.

They blame themselves for all their sins.

In the microblog topic of sexual assault victim records, there are too many heavy stories like Li Xingxing.

Its heartbreaking,

These are just the tip of the iceberg.

In addition to the voice,

There are also the stars who are suffering from the same experience.

Even think that there is no future.

on the other hand,

Conniving Bao Yumings supporters,

It is not only the victims but also everyone who needs to bear the consequences.

Bao Yuming supported it and took a neutral stance.


They think,

But behind this self righteousness,,

Its an extremely vicious mind.

They acquiesced,

The theory of victims guilt is inevitable.

If it goes on like this,

Being sexually assaulted can turn into a victims fault.

This will also force those innocent people who have been violently treated and sexually assaulted to lose their voices completely.

They dare not say,

Unwilling to say,

Said that will only suffer secondary injury.

The terrible thing is,

Anyone can be the next victim.

Night is not sleep.

As long as there is a gap, the light will surely illuminate.

A signing activity about star law was quietly launched.

After the event,

This time,

They were not spectators.

They wrote the same sloganu2014u2014

Here we are, the stars, dont be afraid!

May 12.

Another man also stood up to protect the stars.

His name is Zhu Lieyu.

Director of Guangdong Guoding law firm.

Deputy to the National Peoples Congress.

Because I paid attention to the Bao Yuming case,

He decided to submit the bill during this years national two sessions.

He made two suggestions.

1. Increase the age of sexual consent from 14 to 16;

2. If there are special relationships such as guardianship relationship, teacher-student relationship and management relationship, the age of sexual consent should be changed to 18.

As a lawyer,

Bao Yuming uses the law to commit murder.

Zhu Liyu is on the way to save Li Xingren.

Its ironic.


I want to end with a sentence from Haruki Murakami:

If there are strong walls and broken eggs, I will always stand by them.

Maybe this time,

Bao Yuming can escape.

He knew the law and violated the law, and had already made strategies.

But because of the butterfly effect of Li Xing,

Will let Bao Yumings life, bear the heavy blow.

At the same time,


Standing firmly beside Li Xingxing,

Author: duck eggs