No matter how hard it is to give gifts to leaders, dont be silly to give these three things. If you dont understand these three hidden rules, you will be slapped

 No matter how hard it is to give gifts to leaders, dont be silly to give these three things. If you dont understand these three hidden rules, you will be slapped

Zhou Lin is very distressed. In fact, he has no intention. He just wants to express his gratitude and close the relationship by the way. This little story, many workplace people have met, overtime, hard to overcome easily, how to give gifts to leaders on the scalp scratch. Is it necessary to give gifts to leaders to thank, ask and cultivate their feelings? How to give gifts? Whats for? In what way? Is there something regular?

Leaders are not bad for your gifts, but leaders are ordinary people, and they also need simple emotional communication. There are three ways to give gifts to leaders: one is to express sincere thanks for the help and help of leaders; the other is to walk around during the Spring Festival, just like the ancient worship and filial piety to continuously cultivate discipleship relationship; the third is to ask leaders to do things when encountering difficulties, such as promotion and progress, childrens enrollment, etc.

Suppose you dont walk with the leaders at ordinary times. When you meet a child who wants to enter a famous school, suddenly you throw tens of thousands of yuan to the leaders for help. If you change positions and think about it, the prudent leaders will not accept it. One is that your relationship is not in place; the other is that he doesnt trust you. So if you dont accept the gift, you dont do anything. If you usually walk around in place, the leader takes the money and says, this money is used to run some schools.. Thats what it looks like.

To give gifts to leaders, we should start from walking around at ordinary times, and do not give too expensive gifts. Every new years day, according to the double price of local courtesy, its OK to give gifts to leaders. When you come back from abroad, you can send a souvenir to the leader. For example, when you come back from Thailand, you will send a crocodile belt to the leader; when you come back from Canada, you will send two bottles of high-grade propolis, etc. This kind of small gift, with talk about the head, is easy to take a hand, and is easy to draw close to feelings.

u30102u3011 The second basic principle is that the form should be both private and generous. Dont be sneaky.

Xiao Zhang wants to ask the leader to do something. He carries several boxes of health products and enters the office. Leaders do not want to accept any health care products at all, and they do not want to be seen by employees. For several boxes of health care products that he does not dare to eat, but also let employees see them, it is absolutely not worth the loss. The two people pushed and jostled, the staff were watching, and the leader threw out the gift box directly.

There are generally three ways to give gifts to leaders: one is in the office. Remember that gifts should be small, portable and invisible. The other is to see them off at home. Three kinds are for leaders. In principle, dont send it to the leader. First, its inconvenient for you to get to the address. Second, the leader should guard against leaving evidence.

When delivering gifts to the office, they should be small and easy to conceal. Visiting at home is the best way to express your heart and make your relationship closer. If the first two are inconvenient, the third one is often used. You can invite leaders to have a meal and put gifts on their cars after eating. Its easy and natural. The present leaders are not inferior to your gifts. In principle, dont be mysterious and furtive. The way of giving gifts is not liked by the leaders. The leaders wont accept them at all.

One is to follow the principle of gift equivalence.

When you give gifts to leaders, you need to give multiple gifts according to different things. This gift, no matter what items, is equal value. For example, when you walk around on New Years day, between ordinary employees and ordinary leaders, you will keep about 1000 yuan, which is also the standard of reciprocity. Then, you can send two cigarettes of about 500 yuan, or two bottles of wine of about 500 yuan. If you are a simple thank you leader, the general standard is 2000 yuan, then you will send two cigarettes and two bottles of wine. Price at a glance. Leaders can use it on their own or sell it off.

Second, we should follow the principle of universal price.

What is universal price? Its a standard product. Theres a price all over the country. For example, 50 yuan for a pack of cigarettes, 50 yuan for everywhere. There are also famous brands of wine, such as one Feitian, which is about 1800 yuan a bottle in China. The main purpose of giving leaders cigarettes and wine is: first, to be able to hold hands, to be polite and to speak well. Second, the price is universal. You can know the price of your gift at a glance. Third, it is convenient for leaders to realize. In principle, dont give gifts that dont know the general price, such as a beautiful small art ceramics, a beautifully packaged tea, a red wine of unknown brand. I dont know what the price is? When you give gifts to leaders, you cant play with the feeling of sending goose feathers for thousands of miles.

The third is to follow the principle of easy realization.

When you send cigarettes and alcohol, you must go to the specialty store to buy authentic authentic products. Never buy fake ones. Because the tobacco and wine in the leaders home are useless. The leaders wife has channels to sell them. If you send fake goods, do you want to mix them up. Therefore, we need to buy big brands, real goods, and good circulation of tobacco and alcohol. For example, a soft box of Zhonghua tobacco costs 700 yuan and a hard box costs 450 yuan; a bottle of 53 degree Feitian costs 1800 yuan. The price is universal and the circulation is good, which is easy to sell and realize.

As for the weight of gifts, you should follow the local standards of gifts and the leaders kindness to you, as well as how much you ask the leaders to help you. If its a big thing, it cant be expressed in terms of alcohol and tobacco. As long as things are within the scope of alcohol and tobacco, you can use alcohol and tobacco to achieve the same value. For small things, you can get two cigarettes, and for big things, you can send a box of good wine. Anyway, the price is clear at a glance.