Qingpingle: Li Wei didnt know that the round house was the last straw that overwhelmed huirou

 Qingpingle: Li Wei didnt know that the round house was the last straw that overwhelmed huirou


The official family is not an old fool. He has his own plan. On the one hand, the Li family is what he has to take care of. On the other hand, he thought Li Wei would be nice to the princess. However, what he thought was not all the facts. In particular, huirous resistance to this marriage, she has confessed: just marry this body to Li Wei. What do you mean? Let alone exchange ideas, they will never be soul mates. Its just a walking corpse, staying in the son-in-laws mansion. That is to say, what happiness do you have for huirou? Officials, its a mistake.


The key is Li Weis mother. She has to work hard to make her son and Princess round the house. She is good at scheming. If the princess and Li Wei round the house, it will be good. unwilling? At least theres a good reason why Li Wei can take concubines openly. But Li Weis mothers means, too dirty have you? First, I brought Bai Ling. On the one hand, I checked whether the princess was perfect; on the other hand, I watched whether the two men had finished their house. For the princess, this is nothing but humiliation. Not round? Thats good. Its the medicine that was destroyed by HUAIJI. OK, let me deal with you.

Then, we all know about HUAIJI and huirou. Li Weis mother makes use of her words, and huirou protects HUAIJI and scolds her husband for being a bitch. Li Wei protected her mother and slapped Hui rou. The slap on the face completely broke huirous heart. Even though the door of the palace was closed at night, it pushed HUAIJI to the most dangerous edge. Li Weis mother cried to empress Cao about being beaten by the princess, and empress Cao comforted her. It also hinted that if this matter makes a big fuss, both the son-in-law and the princess will be discussed. (Wen / Piaoyu Tong) the son-in-law beat the princess again, but he could not escape the crime of serving the Lord disrespectfully.


For the time being, we have to find the best solution. Empress Cao suggested: in the future, they still live in their own homes, and then contribute to the consort and concubine. Calm for a period of time, in case huirou finds out that the son-in-law is good, its best for them to regenerate some. All over the world, as long as Hui Rou and her husband-in-law round house everything is good. Whats the reason? Whats the idea? However, empress Cao herself is like this, right? With the official family round, the whole person has changed. She also thought that huirou would do the same? As long as the son-in-law slept, she would listen to what she said?


As a result, in order to protect HUAIJI, huirou went back to her husbands mansion. As a result, the whole human nerve disorders, or HUAIJI back to the side to return to normal. But HUAIJI, after all, is an internal servant. These two people can never be together. In the isolated city is closed, huirou still calls Li Wei to the dormitory. The next day, she threw the bloody white Ling, but Li Wei was not allowed to approach her from now on. Hui Rou feels that she is also incomplete now. Then, dont despise either of the two disabled people. This brain circuit is really depressed. Its round. Are you satisfied with your son-in-law?