Relaxed gas station: graduation photo during the epidemic, absolutely!

 Relaxed gas station: graduation photo during the epidemic, absolutely!

2. When I heard my girlfriend whine, I went up to pat her on the back and said, it doesnt matter. Just let it go.

4. Today, the barber said that I have a big head. Im NIMA. Whats the big head? Do you charge by area for your haircut? (chasing young Liu Quanyou)

5. Graduation photos during the epidemic period, no more

6. I saw a womans lament on the Internet: Im 40 years old, and I dont have any children. Will I be miserable when I get old? Warm hearted and sincere netizens reply: to tell you the truth, in the current social situation, your life in old age will be very miserable without children. If you have children, you dont necessarily live to old age. (@ the goddess of Zigang)

7, today I saw a little swallow who described trump as the White House.

8. No wonder when I was reading, the teacher said that the essence of the world is mathematics. Now I finally understand what it means. (@ Professor Yin)

9. How can I have a cup of tea?

1. Make a cup of tea

2. Take a sip

3. Tea is too hot

4. Cool down for a while

10. Mother mosquito: my aunt is here.

Male mosquito: drink more hot blood. (Weibo @ poor mouth male deskmate)

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