Taiwan men spreading rumors of mainland goods or new coronavirus: no penalty

 Taiwan men spreading rumors of mainland goods or new coronavirus: no penalty

Screenshot of Taiwan media report

According to the Central News Agency, the man surnamed Chen left a message with his nickname in Bahamut (community website) in March, saying that at the critical moment of epidemic prevention, what do you want to do when you go to buy goods on the other side that are likely to have live virus? Xindian branch decided that this was to spread rumors, enough to affect public peace, so the man surnamed Chen was transferred to justice in violation of the law on the maintenance of social order. Chen claimed that he novel coronavirus pneumonia, which was published by the press, which was not likely to be purchased by the mainland.

Public opinions are divergent. Novel coronavirus pneumonia is a reminder of the new crown pneumonia can survive on the surface of the object. The Taipei District Court has considered that the message is only a reminder, and the opinions of the parties are different. Readers may not have the ability to judge and verify, and believe that the information provided by the trusted media can not prove that Chen is a man who knows nothing. Therefore, it intends to spread to the public. The verdict also said that the content of Chens message was not enough to affect public peace, which was inconsistent with the elements of violating the law on the maintenance of social order, so the ruling was not punitive.

For this judgment, some island netizens satirized that when there is politics in mind, the law is a shit. he also reminded that if you want to be respected by others, you should respect yourself first, and when law enforcers treat the law as shit, the people naturally treat the law as shit.. Some netizens also said that Chens message was in line with the DPPs Anti China policy. Its not surprising that the judge decided by the heart card to remind people to avoid spreading the virus or deliberately spreading rumors. Most people believed that the court was green in power. A kind of