A query on free nucleic acid detection in Wuhan No.1 community

 A query on free nucleic acid detection in Wuhan No.1 community

The screenshot of the owner also mentioned that some people in the owner group responded that other communities also had similar procedures for taking photos with ID cards. It was found that the private physical examination organization added it privately and collected personal information through the inspection opportunity.

On the morning of May 17, the reporter of health times interviewed Ms. Wang, the owner of Rongke Tiancheng phase II community by telephone. She said that she participated in the nucleic acid detection organized by the community on May 16. At that time, each resident was required to hold an ID card to take photos. For those with positive shelter, there were also reminders from the staff. There are community and street workers at the test site. We think this is a good thing for our health from the state and government organizations. We have no doubt about taking photos. We think its a regular process. However, after inquiring with friends and relatives, I found that taking photos with ID card is not required in every community.

In the evening, we all began to worry about the disclosure of our personal information. We didnt know why we took photos? Ask the owners why they need to take photos? The community, as the organizer, cannot answer the questions about the qualification of the sampling agency and the submitting agency in the first time. Ms. Wang said that people felt that the information was very opaque and the process was not standardized. They had reported the case to the police station.

According to the screenshot of the microblog owner and the property, the property in the community replied that the photos taken can be deleted, a resident and the police can be sent to supervise together to ensure that no information is leaked, and the community also said that they will be destroyed. However, there is no clear answer to why it is required to take photos with ID card. The sample was taken from the health service center of Tianyuan street, Wuhan City, and sent for inspection by the health service center of the street.

On the morning of May 17, a reporter from the health times called the street of Wuhan stadium where the second phase of Rongke Tiancheng community is located. The staff who answered the phone said that at present, this matter is in the process of verification and communication, and they will give the owner a satisfactory reply, and they can only accept the media interview with the approval of the Publicity Department of Jiangan District Committee according to the process. Other details are not disclosed. The reporter then contacted the Publicity Department of Jiangan District Committee. As of 2:30 p.m. on May 17, no one answered the office phone of Publicity Department of Jiangan District Committee.

After that, the reporter also called the stadium police station of Jiangan District branch of Wuhan Public Security Bureau. A staff member said that at present, the police are communicating and investigating with the community. As for why there is such a requirement? What is the result of the current treatment? There are no definitive results yet.

According to Ms. Wang, there are 10 buildings in the second phase of Rongke Tiancheng community, which are tested in 5 days and 2 buildings every day. Residents tested on May 17 are no longer required to take photos with their ID cards.

According to ten questions and ten answers on nucleic acid detection in Wuhan market issued by Wuhan health and Health Committee on the evening of May 16, residents and friends went to the sampling points in the community where they lived according to the principle of localization. When sampling, we should make an appointment according to the unified arrangement of the community, take my ID card or hukou book and other valid certificates, and there is no rigid requirement to take photos with my ID card.