3 womens champion of Rio pole vault

 3 womens champion of Rio pole vault

Although the local temperature in Athens is as high as 39 u2103, stefandi, the Olympic champion who took part in the challenge, still has a big advantage. At the end of the first half of the competition, she leaped 4 meters for 19 times, 16 times ahead of negot and 12 times of Newman. After the suspension, stefandi failed in two trial jumps, but he always kept the lead. Finally, he defeated negot 30 times with 34 efforts and Newman 21 times with no suspense to win the championship.

I had a great time. This kind of competition is very creative. Stefandi planned to fight for the title at the Tokyo Olympic Games. The delay of the Olympic Games disrupted her training plan. The ultimate garden confrontation finally gave her a chance to compete with her old rivals across the air. This is a very rare opportunity, and it is also very helpful for my training.

Like the first season of the ultimate garden fight, todays online competition also attracted many track and field fans from all over the world. Sebastian Coe, President of the World Athletics Federation, is one of them. Two weeks later, more super athletes joined in it. Its a great competition. Not everyone is in the best condition. In my opinion, they are all victorious Im proud of them.

Source: responsible editor of Beijing News: Lu Ting, ns5242