I cheer for you, you save my life! This is how Japans houlang responded

 I cheer for you, you save my life! This is how Japans houlang responded

Live barrage in the second half

I dont need help.

Organize students to help in the classroom, recommend idols to students in the online class time, and show the questions about Xiao Zhan in the test paper, even the unrelated Bundesliga League.

A series of events brought Xiao Zhan to the forefront of the storm, and the public also noticed that in recent years, the rice circle, which has become more and more crazy until the bottom line was broken, as well as the response behaviors made by houlang people.

1u3001 Help for ADU

When it comes to assistance, we cant help but think of Japan. This kind of culture dates back to the assistance group activities of Japanese sports competitions. In the sports competition, the assistance group sings, dances, claps, and shouts slogans according to its own rhythm and way, so as to cheer up our team and boost our morale.

In Japan, this kind of behavior has evolved into a kind of education, deeply reflected in everyones heart, and gradually become a kind of aid culture. As time goes by, they came to the audience of the concert from the stands of the stadium, and also came to the entertainment circle from the sports circle.

From the point to the area, from the local to the foreign, gradually evolved into different forms in different countries. Compared with some extreme behaviors in the current rice circle, Japans aid culture still retains its original spiritual core.

Ive got a lot of energy from him, and Im happy that I can try my best to give him strength with my performance.

In the interview area after the world cup in Russia, Japanese international Yuanqi Haraguchi thanked a small fan named Kikuchi, who was his fan when Yuanqi Haraguchi was still playing in Puhe and ruby.

Ive been trying to chase the ball until the end and I dont give up. I like it very much. When asked what he liked most about Yuankous vitality, he replied.

However, in the first grade of primary school, Ju DiQiu also suffered from a serious illness, not to mention playing football, even walking has become a difficult thing.

However, during his illness, he still couldnt forget football. Next to his sickbed was pasted with photos of yuankouqi. Whenever there was an idols game, he would pay attention to the performance of yuankouqi on his sickbed.

Before long, Yuankou Yuanqi learned about Judi Qiu, a little fan, through Twitter. He went to the hospital to visit him. Yuankou Yuanqi took out his signature shoes and made an appointment with Ju DiQiu. When he recovered, he would play football together.

However, the medical treatment has been unable to maintain Kikuchis physical condition. Without heart transplantation, his life will only last one year.

In order to save Kikuchis life, Haraguchi constantly appealed on his social media, and finally raised enough money to go to the United States for heart transplantation. On the day before Ju DiQiu also left, Yuankou Yuanqi rushed to the hospital again and said to him with red eyes:

Even if you dont say that you will work hard, in order to play together in the future. Dont give up. We have made an agreement. In order to play together in the future, I hope it will be cured.

Before the world cup in Russia, Ju DiQiu also sent a message to his idol: I want to see your favorite figure chasing the ball on the court, who is recovering, and I will do my best to help you in the future.

Learn the way idols dont give up and make themselves better. Idols also get more power from fans. This may be the best state between idols and fans.

As Yuankou Yuanqi said after the game:

I know hes working hard to recover and Im very encouraged. I also want to work hard and give him some strength.

Because we can only do it in this stupid way. We also want to support him in a more eye-catching way, hoping that he will be known by more people.

At the 96th senior high school football players rights conference in Japan, Takeda was noticed by many people because of his support group. His friends and classmates dressed as picachu in middle school kept cheering for Takeda in the stands. Their exaggerated clothes and loud sound made them a beautiful scenery line in the stands.

In the players rights conference, the players running on the field are striving for victory. However, in the stands, the aid teams from various schools are also fighting secretly, hoping to add more strength to their players.

Its all about 50 songs.

In front of the camera, members of Aomori Yamada rescue team took out a stack of thick songs from their backpacks. In this part, each player has his own special songs, while in the part of the team, attack, goal, defense and backwardness, there are different songs in different stages.

The contestant rights conference is also a schools honor battle. Every school will do its best, in cheerleading and playing. Graduated senior brothers and sisters, such as office workers, such as graduates who work part-time in University, will donate money to let their junior brothers and sisters come to help (by plane, hotel, etc.), just to celebrate the moment of honor to be able to enter the final of the national competition, because their senior brothers have done so, so it is a kind of inheritance.

In an interview, kanano Guangsi, an official of the competition rights conference, introduced the inheritance spirit of the support group, but also touched on the ob (Oldboy) in Japanese culture. Even alumni who have graduated will take themselves as ob. If the school has achieved good results, they will be very proud.

So in such a positive atmosphere, the Japanese high school contestant rights conference will be so eye-catching.

Therefore, the support group knows how good the players running on the field are, and how hard the support group cheering in the stands is. With such efforts, the teenagers can strive harder for honor for the school.

At the 96th senior high school football players rights conference, Yuying, the schools front axle, made it to the final, which means picachus can help their friends in the final.

In the bathroom of the stadium, they spent 30 minutes to paint, change their clothes and get on the stand again. At the same time, their teammates from houfujita and Yuying from the front bridge also entered the stadium.

The whistle blew, the competition was over, the front axle Yuying made it to the final three times in four years, and finally tasted the taste of winning the championship. When asked what he wanted to say to his friends, he said:

Because their support has become more powerful, they are really very good friends.

3u3001 Help the opponent

In addition to the achievements that impressed the Fuli official in charge of youth training Luo Yubin, there is another thing that has been printed in his mind.

Japanese team (Osaka steel bar) responds for Fuli on site

Because Japanese culture is to advocate the strong, they want to be rich with their desire to win the championship, to the end, to win the championship for them..

Luo Yubins words explain why, but Osaka Gangbas move is not uncommon in Japanese football.

In Japan, at the end of every game, the team should pay homage to the opponents assistance team first. Even if the team feels how sorry and painful at this time, they should come to the opponents assistance team first to bow and thank them, and the other teams assistance team will also give them applause at this time to comfort the defeated team.

This is the truth that they should know when they enter competitive sports from childhood.

At the national players rights conference, there are only 30 players in each school who can step on the playing field at most. Therefore, in the football department, most of them have to experience a failure first, especially senior three students. If they fail to be included in the big list, it means that their football career in high school will end before it.

For me, being elected to the 30 peoples Congress is my dream since I entered high school. The reason why I came here is that I want to enter the national competition. Now I feel very sorry.

Japan Aviation University has been away from the national contestant Rights Conference for six years, so we all hope that we can be selected into the final list of the 97th conference. However, as a senior three student, jushima Yishu still lost the election, but he has his own wishes:

Unsuccessful students write thank-you letters for the team

Next, the team is going to compete in the power competition. I will participate as a member of the support team and let them win one more game.

There are more than 4000 teams in the country, only 48 of which can enter the National Congress. Among these 48 teams, only one can dominate the country, so failure is a moment for most teams.

In the 96th national high school football players rights conference, Yuying Qianqiao won 6-1 in the semi-final at Tianxi University, the latter was only one step short of the final, but they can only come again next year with regret. After the competition, when asked who would like to win the championship, the aid team of UEFA gave the following answers:

Hope the front axle will win.. Front axle..

After losing to Dabao in the circulation economy, as the trump card player of Nagasaki comprehensive technology, Ando Ruiji gave the teams Zhu Fuqian paper crane to the opponent, hoping that they could go further with their own mood of winning.

Seeing that Osaka U12 is supporting Fuli as much as supporting his own team, Luo Yubin couldnt help sighing: our childrens cognition of the victory and defeat is too utilitarian and single.

4u3001 How to get along

Kimura and fans

For example, the company owns the right of portraits. Fans are not allowed to take photos or take photos together. The stationmaster of the assistance station is not allowed to sell unofficial products to fans. The brokerage company has mastered all possible ways to make money, such as creating a fan club, thus avoiding many disordered behaviors and criticisms.

In public, they are fans and citizens. Dont Scribble everywhere. This is a social rule that a citizen should abide by.

In the workplace, its a fan, but also a professional. Dont talk about things that have nothing to do with work at work. This is the bottom line that a workplace person should abide by, let alone face students whose values are not mature.

Ju DiQiu also became a fan of Yuankou Yuanqi, because the latter didnt give up in any difficult time, which eventually became an important reason for him to overcome the disease. It was precisely because of the fate of such a fan that Yuankou Yuanqi gained more strength than before.

Let fans and idols be proud of each other, this is the best way.

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