Chen Qing Ling: Wei Wuxian, if you dont mind him criticizing me and slandering me, just have a clear conscience

 Chen Qing Ling: Wei Wuxian, if you dont mind him criticizing me and slandering me, just have a clear conscience


Its a history that cant be looked back on. Fortunately, it will start again 16 years later. But in real life, how could it be so easy? If there is no Nie huaisang, if there is no mo Xuanyu who offers her. Wei Wuxian doesnt know which corner is floating. Let LAN Zhan ask the spirit day and night, but he cant ask what he wants. However, they still stick to their promise that I would like to fight against traitors and support the weak all my life, which is worthy of my heart. Say it and do it.



Who bit you? Who do you want. The hands of Wennings brother and sister are warm, but they have not touched a trace of blood. Dont you think you want to play the sit in set?

u2014u2014Wei Wuxian, you dont understand. Jin Guangshan wants to find out the whereabouts of yintie from them. They just want to make an excuse.


Wen Zhuliu: you cant fail to repay your kindness. Wei Wuxian: joke, why do you want others to pay for it?


I see. If you want to kill me, you can kill me without fear. But I have to be careful if I want to protect myself. Cant hurt this, cant hurt that. Im unlucky if I die. You can siege me, but I cant fight back.

u2014u2014Yes, this is the standard only allow the officials to set fire, not the people to light the lights. Whats more, they are so righteous!

Wei Ying, you disappoint me so much. Thanks to my admiration for you! He also said that you are a generation of people of kaizongli school! Now it seems that I feel sick. From now on, I and you are irreconcilable!

u2014u2014You say that you admire me, so why didnt I see you when you admired me, and when I shouted, you jumped out and shouted? Your admiration is too cheap! Do you think that you and I are irreconcilable, your irreconcilable and incoherent, have any influence on me? Your disgust and admiration are so cheap. How can you shout?


There were indeed more than 3000 monks in the night of Tiancheng, but there were also leaders of several families and elites of each family. Can I really kill these three thousand people in the presence of these people? Do you think too much of me or them?


In a word, this is the so-called whats the need for sin in addition to desire. Wei Wuxian, whether you are right or wrong - its all your problem!


In fact, sometimes, the world just needs an excuse; or a target, a target that a person shouted to hit; with me, they can share the same hatred and fight together, and they can be pretentious. I later figured out that even without Jin Guangyao, there would be other people and other accidents. I dont know

u2014u2014In this case, then it is the same sentence: no matter he scolds me and slanders me, I have no conscience. Wei Wuxian, support you!