Not because of you, but because of you

 Not because of you, but because of you

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The day I met you, the weather was not very good. It rained heavily. I was very embarrassed that day. The part-time job was partial, so I couldnt find an umbrella seller, so I had to run to the bus stop with my bag. Because we were the only two people waiting for the bus, and the bus never came, so we chatted. It turns out that you are from our school, and you also work part-time here. The only difference is that you have an umbrella.

That day, you kindly sent me to the dormitory and told me to change my clothes early. It was cold that day, but you were very warm. Our story starts from that day.

Fate is a very wonderful thing. Maybe its the first time I met it, and soon I have a second time. Canteen, library, playground, even the occasional off campus library, we have met several times. We exchanged contact information, chatted many times, and became more and more familiar.

I find that we really have a lot in common. We all like Eason Chan and old songs. Our experience is very similar. We grew up in a warm family, so we have always been relatively independent and lacked a lot of care. I still remember that you once said to me that you would spoil me well in the future, but you seem to forget your words.

We got together soon, but the process was not very beautiful. Because we all have to work hard for our own living expenses, we dont usually meet many times. You always take the part-time busy as the reason, put me on the pigeon several times, once and twice I can understand you, but more times, I am really sad.

I am very independent, but you forget, I am also a little girl.

But you are still very good to me at ordinary times. You will bring me many snacks and help me in other aspects. To be honest, I think we are more like brothers and sisters than boyfriend and girlfriend, because I always cant feel your love, and you just coax me as a child.

My friends say that you and I are not suitable, because your focus is always on money, even I have to give in on this. I have also regretted that if I dont associate with you, I will not be so tired and uncomfortable, but life has never been if.

I dont have enough patience, and I dont have enough mind to start a new relationship. You may not be the most suitable, but you appear when I need you most. So I am willing to stick to you though I am not forced to.