Which of these three netizens should I show up with?

 Which of these three netizens should I show up with?

Thank you for your comments on todays emotional issues.

In fact, I have been paying attention to you with another number for a long time. I often watch you show affection.

I thought you were such a childhood sweetheart, but I didnt expect to see you once said you were dating, which made me suddenly have confidence in love again.

I left a message under your literature before. You replied that I asked about the marriage with all the cases?

What you mean is that a loveless marriage is not very good.

When I was in college, I had a boyfriend who talked about four years. He was very good, but coincidentally, he was also a very rational person.

In fact, I look around at my friends getting married and having babies. I envy them.

Sometimes I want to find someone to marry, but Im not willing to marry. I still want to marry love.

I belong to that kind of public appearance. Its impossible to make a persons eyes shine by virtue of beauty.

Its usually plain, not without makeup, its not going to change, it hasnt changed, and its a little repellent.

Depending on talent, there are only a few people around. The circle is too small. Even if talent has bright spots, it will take time to understand it.

Now the rhythm, who will spend time in a person to find his highlights ah?

After I broke up, I wanted to develop with me, but he works in the south, too far away, so I didnt talk to him again.

Its estimated that other people also feel that Im useless here, so they wont take the initiative to chat with me.

There will be no more resources. Catching up with the epidemic this year, staying at home and not having a busy job will make people feel more lonely.

Later, I saw that there was a dating software in the circle of friends, so I registered and matched many people.

At present, only three people are good, but they have their own advantages and disadvantages. I dont know how to choose.

First of all, his hometown is far away from my home, but the place where he works now is together.

In fact, Im quite exclusive of this kind. The distance from my hometown means that many habits are inconsistent, and its very complicated to visit my parents in the future.

In addition, he has a problem that I cant stand. Its the baby who opens his mouth and closes his mouth.

If you just look at him, he is still positive, hard-working and progressive.

Second, my hometown has a distance from me. My work is also a city. I think our three views are super harmonious.

Chatting is a topic that cant be talked over, and he is very considerate, gentleman. He wont take the initiative to send me messages, but I know what to send him. He basically returns in seconds.

And every time the topic is over, he is the last one to send a message, even if it is an expression pack, it really feels good.

He said that he has no emotional experience, only a love online, and has not yet split up. I think the feeling he gives me is that its too late to meet each other.

But he is a little far away from me, and he has a sister. Although the structure of my original family is simple, the influence of family and friends is great.

Anyway, Im afraid of this kind of brothers and sisters. I dont feel able to get along with them. Its a kind of pressure.

Moreover, his plan for the future is quite consistent with mine, or several alternative cities he plans to live in in the future.

I like and can adjust my own plan for him. He is an only child with a simple family structure. His emotional life is three periods, and the time is not long.

Before his girlfriend was angry with him, he really put his girlfriend in a very backward position, that is, he went out for a walk, watching TV is more important than falling in love.

We chatted. At the beginning, we had a lot of conversations. Later, we thought that our hobbies were different, so we had little common language, and then we basically stopped chatting.

Ive sent him messages many times. He either doesnt return them or only returns them for a long time. When I want to talk to him, he doesnt pay attention.

And the next day, as if nothing had happened, I would not have a summary or continuation of yesterdays topic, so I went straight to it.

Then there is sometimes evening chat, people suddenly disappeared, you even go to sleep, politely say good night is not OK.

Once I said that we didnt have the feeling of falling in love. He said that it wasnt falling in love originally. He didnt even see each other, so its not falling in love.

To be honest, I think he is the most suitable for me, but if he has this attitude, I think I will be very tired when I am really together in the future.

After a period of time, I want to run for the present time, which is to make this long holiday a little harvest, and make an effort for my feelings.

And if possible, I will try to have a serious love, but I dont know who to meet or whether to meet.

Or he is not interested in women. Then I will not be happy with him. Besides, just chatting, I already feel that he is not enthusiastic.

I dont know if I want to show up, or is this social software love way not suitable for me? Or is it my obsession?

I dont know. They all say that the spectators can see clearly. I hope brother Wang Zai can help me with the analysis. Thank you!


First of all, I didnt seem to say that Mu Mu and I met each other on a blind date. I guess you read it wrong.

I met Mu Mu on a trip to Yunnan. Of course, we are not green plum.

I dont think its social software that doesnt suit you or that you have obsessions.

According to your statement, you are just at a loss and a little anxious, or among the three boys you make friends with,

There is no one who can really make you feel impulsive or sure to talk about your feelings,

So that you do not consciously worry about the outcome of emotional development will not be good, but also subconsciously produced a discouraged mentality.

But you should know that the right and loving partner cant be found by just finding a few words on the Internet.

In particular, you have geographical requirements for your partner, not to pursue the right but love.

So it will be more difficult in terms of probability, and fate is really something that no one can explain clearly.

First of all, for the first boy, I dont like it. After all, its quite different from the way you treat your feelings.

In particular, I think that before becoming a couple, people who open their mouths and shut their mouths will have babies,

No matter men or women, most of them do not want to develop for a long time, but enjoy the spiritual intimacy for a while.

Lovers should not have a sense of distance, but they are only in the stage of making friends, which is so sarcastic and playful,

Holding the so-called dont care about eternity, only care about once owned talk about a is a mentality in making friends.

In addition, you say that he is very motivated, maybe, but he doesnt return to real life, and he never knows how motivated a person is.

The biggest feature of the Internet is that it is easy to produce some good feeling illusions, because there is no binding of eye behavior.

As for the second one, Im relatively optimistic about it, but after all, its social networking. Everyone has it.

And in the face of such intimate men, I think the heart of prevention is also indispensable.

Its not ruled out that he may really agree with you, so he unconsciously attaches so much importance to you, but it cant be ruled out that its a trick of love field veteran.

But you also said that you dont want to marry far away. If you make up your mind not to marry far away, its up to you to decide. Dont start with love, and end with correction.

In the future, dont go to the people who should be too far away.

But if you still keep the idea that you can marry far away, you may as well have a look.

But its still that sentence. After all, it comes from the good feeling of the Internet. It must be different from the reality. Keep alert,

Also carefully and patiently in the process of getting along to find this person to come to reality, whether it is the same as what you feel on the Internet.

Whats more, dont rush. If you want to know a stranger who has a good feeling, you need to feel the flow of water,

Dont be fooled by the other partys little actions that are too warm.

You shouldnt think its right or more suitable because you are a fellow citizen.

Everyone wants to find the perfect partner, but its often unrealistic,

Its right to learn to accept imperfections, but theres always a bottom line about how to get along with your partner,

At least in this period of social contact, you have to ask yourself, a person who has not even begun to be so indifferent and indifferent to you,

Even if he suddenly becomes very good when he is in love, his character is hard to change. Once he returns to the ordinary period, can you accept such a partner?

If you can, its OK to see the last side. Just learn to give yourself a good injection.