From the royal family to the common people, who is wearing H & M and Zara to become the worlds richest flower?

 From the royal family to the common people, who is wearing H & M and Zara to become the worlds richest flower?

Even if you cant pursue your poem and distance for the time being, buying a new dress and changing your mood can make you happy all day long.

Opening up fashion magazines, luxury goods that have experienced the impact of the epidemic have riveted their heads and cried out for new series and designs, which are good-looking, but the price still makes people cant help but smack their tongue.

Im sorry, women buy, hope to buy happiness, not the vanity behind the logo.

In fact, its really fashionable u2260 spend a lot of money. Sister Yu Yan will take you to have a look today. Who are the fashion elites who will choose fashion fast selling brands, such as Zara and H & M.

royal family

If you think that the royal families of all countries will only choose the luxury and high price of blue blood noble brand, its a big mistake.

The worlds richest royal family is Thailand! I didnt expect that, did I? Thailands King wagiralongkorn has an estimated $30 billion in assets, and his business interests include more than 3000 acres of land in central Bangkok, as well as shares in Siam Cement and the Siam commercial bank

The first one is the beautiful and high-quality Princess Kate.

Kate is a model princess for the British royal family. Morgan should study hard

Kates clothes dont have to be said, and her love for Zara is absolutely beyond your imagination.

I remember that last year, Kate was photographed playing with little Prince George and Princess Charlotte at the horse race, when she was wearing a blue embroidered dress of Zara.

Not long after that, at the Royal charity polo match, Kate wore a Zara light blue striped dress.

In other words, Kate wears Zara on almost every occasion.

In addition to the steady blue, black and white can also wear flowers. Attend a friends wedding, Zara black and white pattern dress with exquisite Mesh Hat, let people dare not guess the price of this dress at the first time.

u25b2 its really a good garment. You can punch everything you wear

All in all, Kate has a way to reconcile the styles of various pieces.

By the way, how much does Kate like Zara? When walking on the red carpet, even if wearing a valuable evening dress, the matching jewelry must be a necklace with Zara less than 100 yuan.

u25b2 if you dare to guess, the necklace should end at 149 RMB

The European royal family likes Zara more than Kate.

u25b2 dont doubt that Princess Letizia has wisely chosen Zara as her robe on many occasions

At the beginning of one year, Leticia attended the activity in her hometown Madrid. She wore Zaras snake skin skirt and Black Slim knit. She was almost 50 years old and had this figure. She was confident!

This snake skin skirt is worth more than 400 yuan. Like Kates skirt, it was snapped up

This is not the first time Leticia has brought domestic products.

After all, Zara is a national brand of Spain. The Queens favor is understandable. Moreover, any coat of others can also wear a high-level sense of heroism.

In fact, in addition to Zara, Princess Letizia treats H & M equally.

Last year, 47 year old queen Letizia appeared at the UN climate change conference in a classic black-and-white look. Her upper body is a white sleeveless blouse, and her lower body is a black high waist A-line long skirt, which is printed with a ripple like pattern, low-key with a sense of delicacy.

u25b2 this elegant and noble dress doesnt cost a lot of money, because her high waist A-line long dress is from a series before H & M, which costs 199 US dollars, equivalent to RMB, 1400 yuan

The Princess Victoria from the Swedish Royal family, as the crown prince, is deeply loved by the people.

u25b2 the Queens reserve is easy-going and outstanding

As the crown prince, Victoria received a variety of strict training and studied at Yale University.

In the end, they fell in love with their fitness coach Westling. They were far from each other from birth to education. Although the royal family did not recognize the son-in-law, the princess broke through many barriers and was with him.

u25b2 the identity of the man is absolutely in line with the standard of Cinderella, so the Swedish Royal family really likes the royal family who goes to the common people

This is a living Nordic fairy tale!

In 2013, when crown prince Victoria visited Cambridge University, she wore the designers joint H & mxisabel marant for less than $650.

The same coat is worn by female star fan Wenfang

In 2014, at the music awards party, I wore H & M flower pattern dress.

Even when meeting with foreign guests, wear H & M lace coat.

Of course, the reason why queen Chu loves H & m so much has nothing to do with its Swedish brand

Theres nothing wrong with a proper civilian princess!

Think fashion editors only recognize big brands? NONONOuff01

In INS, there is a very popular account - the devils wear Zara, the devil wearing Zara. It was created by two girls. It tells you not to wear Prada, and the affordable and people-friendly Zara can also wear super fashionable!

u25b2 Mimi postigo and Lauren Eggertsen

This account is jointly founded by Mimi postigo, Mimi longsti, editor of who whatwear and Lauren Eggertsen, a good friend.

Because we are Zara all over, we got an account about Zara.

The idea of fashion editors is always so fresh and interesting. As soon as their closets are opened, they are all Zaras simple suits, coats, shirts and wide pants, so this account can be said to be the inspiration source for everyone to wear and match every day.

Their whole body is really all Zara pieces!

They dont have the big legs of models, and some of their friends dont have the belly fat specially PS. they are a group of girls who love fashion, just like us

And best of all, you can copy it without worrying about tackiness.

This airport photo of big cousin Liu Wen is wearing Zaras new style in 2018. Big cousin Liu Wen is really supermodel, wearing a loose and lazy long skirt with the temperament of a fashion brand.

Simple button decoration, comfortable to wear, the method of folding jeans, very suitable for tall girls, elegant and quiet.

If you dont wear jeans, you can make a skirt directly. With a pair of stockings and a pair of sneakers, you can become a girl in seconds.

Zhang Junnings striped shirt skirt is also Zaras new summer style. Blue and white stripes are more fresh and casual.

u25b2 affordable brands are matched with luxury goods, so are high-end fashion elite

Jiang Shuying is a fan of Zara. The queen of qingpingle has many private servers from Zaras family.

u25b2 black and white dot design makes this dress simple without losing fashion sense, clear and refreshing

Olivia Palermo and her husband also wore a $110 Zara Pajama for fashion events.

Yang Mi also chose the same series of black ones in the airport Street Photo Shoot.

Gigis white pullover is also from Zara, RMB 299 ..

Katie Holmes, the ex-wife of Tom, is wearing a Zara silk printed dress to visit friends on the street.

u25b2 but sister Yu Yan really cant get the beauty of this skirt

Biebers ex girlfriend Selena Gomezs white shirt, also Zara.

Dry goods sharing

But when we browse high street brand stores, we always find a lot of clothes with some letters on their labels.

Today, sister Yuyan will give you a simple science popularization to help you fairies find their own buy buy buy happiness.


The basic models represented by DVD are the most common simple T, shirt, jeans, etc. in the store.

In addition, there are basic series and other common basic models, which are collectively referred to as black and white mark.

Its the basic model. Its easy to match. Its timeless for thousands of years.


As the name implies, the trend series has more avant-garde elements than the basic ones.

u25b2 to put it bluntly, its better to learn from other designs, but its also the easiest to find good quality and cheap ones


Studio Series relatively emphasizes the independent design of the brand. Each season, there will be a corresponding theme. To put it bluntly, it is a show style.

u25b2 fashionable icons favorite series, with relatively high price


The best quality series is characterized by exquisite materials, some silk and leather models are often produced, and the price is relatively high.

u25b2 on the official website, the lower right corner of this series of clothes pictures has the above small gray logo, which belongs to the series that office ladies prefer

H & M Cooperation Fund

Remember kenzoxh & M, known as the ugliest co name in history? It doesnt prevent people from breaking their heads


This series cant be worn wrong


u25b2 design with dots, bright and bold


As the name implies, it is one of the more conventional, more formal clothing series that can be applied to various occasions.

You really dont know what to wear. Its right to pull one


All studio models are made in Italy, twice a year. They are made of fine materials and expensive. They will also show themselves in a high style,.

Fashion has no boundaries, and price should not be the standard to define fashion.

For women, the logo of luxury goods can only provide external decoration, while the inner cultivation and temperament are the decisive reasons that determine whether you are still beautiful even if you are wearing sacks.

what you think?