Lets objectively evaluate Xiaoshenyang. If you dont blow it or its dark, youll talk about northeast culture with you

 Lets objectively evaluate Xiaoshenyang. If you dont blow it or its dark, youll talk about northeast culture with you

Some people even moved out of song Xiaobao and so on. Compared with Xiao Shenyang, its not hard to understand what they said.

First of all, its an inevitable trend that little Shenyang is not so popular. Its an abnormal phenomenon that he was able to explode at the beginning.

It is also worth saying that not all northeast people like Xiaoshenyang, at least I dont like it. But I dont black him, because I know the advantages and disadvantages of northeast culture, as well as decades of development.

Even in zhaojiaban, Xiao Shenyangs ER Renzhuan singing is not in the top five.

As an actor, Xiao Shenyang is at most a four line performer in the circle, lacking in basic performance skills, so when he played sun Honglei in the three gun shooting, Yan Wang taught him a lesson.

As a singer, Xiao Shenyang has a high voice, good timbre and no singing skills at all, so as a northerner, I feel very ashamed to see him singing with Po on the stage.

But, however, this is the characteristic of northeast culture. It is omnipotent, versatile and imprecise.

The reason for this phenomenon is that the Northeast Errenzhuan is divided into two systems: one is the singing system of root Miao Hong, and the other is the performance system with a lot of shelves.

The former is mostly of scientific background, with the responsibility of art inheritance on his shoulders. The latter are mostly farmers children, with a low education background. As a teenager, they began to learn from their master. They kept walking on the field. If they got along better, they could say goodbye to the village wedding and enter the theater.

For example, peace theater, Liu Laogen stage and so on, of course, there are also some small theatres that can not be put on the stage.

In these theatres, you cant only sing duet. Let me tell you what skills they need:

Somersault, telling jokes, playing handkerchief, playing erhu, playing suona, even flying people in the air, breaking big stones in the chest. At the same time, they have to learn modern popular instruments, such as saxophone, ukri, guitar, several English songs and even Michael Jacksons space steps.

In a word, their strongest skill is imitation. As long as the audience is interested, they can sing. Dao Lang, Liu Dehua, Zhang Yusheng, Han Hong and Li Na are all right.

In addition, there is a special phenomenon in the northern theater, that is, the rich front row audience will give a lot of money to the stage when the performance is most enjoyable, and then start to order the show, let you dance, let you sing, let you sing, let you drink, you also have to drink. Let alone some dirty jokes.

However, its a rule of the thumb. Theater must survive and actors must support their families.

And Little Shenyang came to Mr. Zhao Benshan from such an environment. To be honest, Little Shenyang has no special skills. What he can do, others can.

But time is also, fortune is also, 2009 Benshan uncles play not bad money, no one is more suitable than Little Shenyang, because before that, his performance has also been Niangniang wind, and then, overnight, Little Shenyang became popular.

In the next few years, he set foot in the film circle and became the king of rotten films. At least, Dapeng had some famous works, but he didnt.

As a master, Zhao Benshan asked him more than once to land on the ground and calm down. He said to the camera that being rich is a terrible thing and he should control himself.

First go to study, or even go abroad, to increase their knowledge, because they all know that there is a long way to go and a long way to go.

But little Shenyang didnt know. A child who came out of the countryside suddenly became known to all. The first reaction was that I had to earn a lot of money first.

From March 6, 2009 to January 31, 2010, the Little Shenyang National Show and laugh performed 103 times in 20 provinces, 4 municipalities, 3 autonomous regions and 70 cities.

He participated in the TV drama Mr. Guan Dong, made the movie three guns make a surprise, starred in the new years comedy laughing in the Jianghu, starred in the TV drama Ouyang de, starred in the TV drama back Chef, starred in the TV drama storyteller and who is the real hero, starred in the movie a great master directed by Wang Jiawei, starred in the movie cant think of different, etc.

During the period, there were countless variety notices, each time it was a C, including the same stage with Han Hong.

And these things were completed in more than three years. That is to say, Little Shenyang didnt have time to charge himself. He was just consuming himself. Until one day, the audience no longer paid.

Therefore, these are the real reasons why he is becoming less and less popular. Its not far to go if he only gets fame by chance and doesnt know how to improve himself. Fortunately, now he began to wake up and be able to give himself time to make up lessons seriously, calm himself down and precipitate himself.

Then come back, the experience of Xiaoshenyang, to some extent, is the true portrayal of the folk culture in the northeast. If it wasnt for Zhao Jiaban, other slightly red up zhuanxing are also consuming themselves and overdrawing themselves, such as Wei San, who also went to the Spring Festival Gala.

An artist, on the way to the craftsman, has to go through a lot of hardships and hardships to have some achievements. As Zhao Benshan said when facing the camera, it took me 30 years to stand in front of the national audience, and he also needs to hone himself.

Come on, Little Shenyang. When you come back, I hope to see your growth, get rid of the style of walking on the stage and walking on the spot, and make a good performer and a qualified artist.


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