Behind Liu Taos entry into Ali

 Behind Liu Taos entry into Ali

Its like Jia Yueting using the economic crisis of 2008-2010 to buy intellectual property on a large scale when asset prices are low, such as IP like Red Cliff and painted skin. Then, after the economic crisis, LETV jumped up.

About a year ago, Taobao wanted to take a stake in vias live broadcasting company. But Ali doesnt pay much money. He wants to share in the way of flow tilt: Taobao can channel more platform traffic to Weiya, which can be accounted for as capital in exchange for the shares of Weiya live company.

But Wei Ya was already the first sister of Taobao live. Alibaba made too little money. She made money from several live shows.

In the end, Taobaos stake in Weiya is over, and theres no news.

Once upon a time, there was a quite credible saying that if Taobao could not talk about the cooperation of buying shares in Weiya, then Taobao would take away Weiya. Because the money was earned by via. In addition to the start-up fee, Weiya will take more than 20% of the Commission of the business sales. And these money businesses could have been used to advertise on Taobao. So its obvious that Taobaos profit cant be affected by a few online celebrities.

Therefore, Alibaba should have its own net red, rather than these live Kwai hung networks that have been red on their own platforms on Taobao platform. They are obviously not so obedient. If they run to the fast one day, it will be a loss to Taobao.

So, you will see that more and more entertainment stars like Liu Tao will cooperate with ALI. And entry or not, these are forms. Its not necessary for every star to join Alibaba. As long as one or two stars join Alibaba, they can talk and cooperate with more stars through these stars, and bring more stars into the circle. There is a Gao Xiaosong, there is a Liu Tao, there is a Ouyang Nana, almost. Use Gao Xiaosong to circle the cultural people in the entertainment circle and create a brand image. Use Liu Tao to deal with the influential actors in the film and television industry (fast, but still influential, cost-effective), and use Ouyang Nana to deal with the back waves in the entertainment industry.

For example, today is Wang Hans first live show.

There are more on the way.

What makes me curious is that the top 1 of Taobao live broadcast yesterday was Sydney live studio, because Zhou Yangqing appeared in the live broadcast. The number of people watching the live broadcast reached 40 million, and the harvest was achieved One point three Thanks to 100 million people, 97 million transactions were completed on site, surpassing Weiya and Li Jiaqi.

Successfully cashed in traffic from Luo Zhixiangs scandal.

And the news that Zhou Yangqing will appear in Sydneys live room has been wildly spread on the Internet for a long time. Maybe it is the news released by a treasure? Because some treasure also gave the flow slant, gave an entrance in the live channel homepage.

Just like watching Liu Taos live broadcast, people will find that Liu mintao, who has been rapidly famous for facial expression management, also appeared on the live broadcast.

Its hard to imagine that all of this is a business situation, or it can be used by the business to become a realizable play.

In this play, human nature, interests, collectivity, individual, goodwill and selfishness cannot be clearly separated and explained.

This is the real world.