What is the reason of God of war going home? Knowing the truth, I burst into tears

 What is the reason of God of war going home? Knowing the truth, I burst into tears

Of course, I dont recommend seeing it. Its a standard poisonous herb.

This novel is about:

The standard paradigm is: an eye-catching picture + a story of forced face fighting, and then cut off at the key point to guide users to download and install a novel app.

For example:

As long as you install the app, there are ways to induce you to recharge.

This kind of war king and God of war novels usually have no brain at the beginning, and then the more they are written, the more they break down, and few people can finish the whole book. Whether its the author or the site, its all about making quick money.

Check it out. Similar titles include:

1. When ares returned home, he found that his wife had become someone elses fiancee. At one command, hundreds of millions of groups were destroyed!

2. Ares is forced to divorce. The richest people in all countries immediately send their daughters to propose. Their ex-wife is lost!

3. When he was a soldier for 5 years, he was bullied by his wife as soon as he came home. The God of war was angry on the spot!

4. The wife forces the lame husband to go to the company for an interview to clean up. She doesnt want the president to kneel directly after meeting. The wife is stupid

5. Younger martial sister approaches him and takes away his blood, but he wakes up instead. From then on, he steps on genius and attacks all the way.

6. The young mans blood was robbed and dying, but he was rescued by the cave and injured by the Dragon King. He was given the power of heaven!

7. When ares returned home, he found that his younger brother was wronged by Jiuquan. At one command, 100000 soldiers rushed here

8. 15 years ago, he was on the street; 15 years later, he became a mysterious oriental warrior, but he became a husband?

I also saw some derivative sentences used to satirize these inexplicable advertisements, such as:

Zhanshen goes home and finds his five-year-old daughter living in a dogs Kennel! At one command, a hundred thousand retired Chinese soldiers rushed here, each of them gave the God of war a knife, and said, youre the best!

I have a strong sense of anti drug ability in dealing with online articles. But this kind of novel, still can often let me a chapter defeat.

For example, the first chapter of the book return of the king of super entertainment I saw two days ago reads:

However, this kind of novel has no brain and logic, but it is sure to read happily. It can also be understood that modern peoples life pressure is so great that they get emotional release in the novel world.

This is also one of the underlying reasons why Internet novels are so popular in China.

Besides, isnt there a lot of news that many foreigners also like to read Chinese online novels? After all, its common to pretend to be forced to fight, to pretend to be a pig and eat a tiger.

This shows the advantages of a large population and a large number of authors in China. No matter how many tastes you have, there is always a cool point for you.

Upgrade to play strange and pick up treasure, cave college auction. After finishing the copy under the task, the celestial realm changes the map. The talent is wonderful and the bone is good. One years cultivation is ten years. I am an expert in many aspects. There is an old man in the ring. A pet is a beast. Bai Fumei is in love with me, even if the protagonist is very funny. Occasionally stroll the roadside stall and buy Bricks on impulse. When I went home, I found that the ancient artifact was broken. In the belly of a beautiful womans mountain, she is hungry. A roast chicken makes her heart warm. Its very delicate. Its specially designed for girls. Male with female love triangle, male beauty group. Tiger body a shock overbearing leak, little brother beauty I accept all. There is no limit to the brains of the villains. They send their subordinates to give experience. Partners are all five scum, the fight shows surprise. Lots of ideas, good luck, garbage skills become treasure. Its not hard to fight over the same level. Even if it is scrap at this time, it will become a genius in the future. Feng Shui takes turns for thirty years. Dont bully me to be poor. A continent is really big, with a population of ten thousand trillion. A few light years apart, I can cross in March. Although there are many countries, customs and cultures are the same. Currency grade measurement, Mandarin in mainland China. The expert is very powerful, one move can destroy the world. But after fighting for tens of thousands of years, the mountain and sea are still like that. The main character is always healed and will never be disabled. Never go to school doesnt matter. You are born to read and write. Open your mouth and shut up. What does God owe you. The halo magic skill is external, and the immortal Buddha and the demon kill it at will. Potato Tang three tomatoes, Chen Dongfeng Ling sky.

Pretending to force is the ladder of human progress