Epic sent gta5 for free, but why?

 Epic sent gta5 for free, but why?

At epic game mall, the luxury version of gta5 is now available for free. The period of exemption and restriction lasts for one week, until May 21, once put into storage, it will be kept permanently.

This seven years and so on Partys big victory, causes gta5 to mount the micro blog hot search very soon, the heat even surpassed epic own home just brushes the screen the illusory engine 5.

At 11:00 last night, after gta5 was officially exempted, epic mall was once too busy with the breakdown of error numbers 500 and 403. Sometimes, the error page will switch servers in different countries. Many players may have learned several foreign languages.

Meanwhile, epic has launched a new round of promotion, which will last until June 11. Last year, the coupon of $14.99 minus $10 has also returned, and can still be unlimited set of dolls - after buying a game priced at least $14.99 with the coupon, you will get another $10 coupon, so repeatedly.

Whats more, during the promotion period of epic, a mystery game will be sent out every week, and gta5 is only the first one. In terms of the magnitude of the first model, it is very likely that the next three weeks will be a great work with a sales volume of tens of millions.

There are mystery games after gta5

As the games to be sent are not on the shelves at present, so you dont need to worry about the $10 coupon being restricted from back stabbing. The upcoming games such as cyberpunk 2077 and death stranded of PC version, which have just released the Wizard 3 on the store page, can use the coupons at ease.

Although this exemption largely solved the historical problem of who hasnt bought gta5 yet, a new problem emerged:

So why does epic always send free games?

The answer to this question can be very simple. Epic wants to attract users, and the most effective way to attract users is to limit and exempt. And sending all the time can cultivate users habits and let players pay attention to the game every other week.

But we should also realize that epics limitation and exemption have lasted for a year and a half.

After the launch of the platform in December 2018, epic launched the exemption and restriction in the first week, and the activity has continued to this day without interruption.

If we look back on the limitations and exemptions of epic, we will find that at the beginning, it was just a biweekly delivery, less than half a year ago, and it turned into a one week delivery, sometimes two free packages, or a series of gift bags like Batman and dark blood. When the festival is on sale, there is a day to deliver.

Now, they are going to send a game for four weeks in a row. The first week is gta5, and it is likely to be a masterpiece. If we look back on the recent composition of epic, we will find that the proportion of major works is already rising: in March, there were watchdog, zombie World War, and in April, there were justifiable defense 4.

Great works and independence

This is not only a long-lasting behavior of exemption and restriction, but also its scale has become larger and larger. Along with it, there are some new meanings.

Different from the intuition of many players, restriction and exemption may not disturb the market order, but may bring some benign stimulation to developers and the market. With the alternation of the old and the new generations, where will the business model of traditional paid games go? It has also become the development trend that the industry is concerned about.

In the past few years, the cost of game development has been rising, but the price of game is almost unchanged. In addition to traditional paid games, free games have sprung up, gaining a large market, including a large number of emerging players. When paying games want to apply this mode, the industry has come up with a large number of DLC, season tickets, F2P, micro transaction / internal purchase and so on.

When cyberpunk 2077 was released, it promised not to include micro trading. When the grading information of the game was released two days ago, a cdpr spokesperson immediately clarified that it was only a paid DLC, not an in-game purchase, because it contained the content of in-game purchase.

But no micro transaction cant solve the problem that game pricing is limited and manufacturers costs are difficult to cover. To this end, some platforms began to help manufacturers open up the market and attract more players.

Steams approach is to create an environment of low profits and high sales, and attract new and old players through crazy discounts. In China, many people become regular players through steam, while XGP of Xbox uses subscription system, which allows players to freely choose a large number of games only by paying some XGP fees.

Restriction and exemption is the way epic wants to explore. Whether its low price, subscription, or exemption, in essence, all have the same way, and are opening up the market through conscience. From the manufacturers point of view, fracture fighting and limitation and exemption are also a kind of promotion behavior, which can attract the players attention and are often used to build momentum for new works.

However, this kind of behavior is risky. Like low price, restriction and exemption may affect future sales of the game. Take the discount as an example. The first week of sales promotion, half a year of sales and a year of sales need to be planned according to the sales situation of the game itself. In the past, there was also a great deal of stress on when to choose the exemption or restriction.

Before epic, this was the decision made by developers themselves and the risk they took.

Epic has changed this situation, providing sponsorship for developers to do the promotion of exemption and restriction. And through continuous restriction and exemption activities, to ensure the success of promotion.

Official data from epic last year

According to statistics, last year epic exempted 73 games with a total price of more than 1455 US dollars, and players received 200 million times. This data shows that two points, players do form a habit of getting epic restrictions and exemptions; and each time the restrictions and exemptions are made public, the game can be better promoted.

In other words, the sponsorship of epic bears the risk for the manufacturers, and the continuous restriction and exemption form a brand, which can ensure that each time the restriction and exemption exposure can be concerned by the players. In terms of risks and benefits, epic has made a guarantee of limited promotion.

On the other hand, the exemption itself may bring more benefits to the game. Through the restriction and exemption, the game not only attracts attention, but also attracts a large number of new players. With the game itself, they may continue to invest in the paid DLC and internal purchase to drive consumption.

Last week gta5 was fourth on steams weekly list

This is particularly beneficial for some long-term games. Gta5 is a good example. Even if it is not limited to exemption, the game is also on the best-selling list all the year round, and the number of new players introduced by the restriction and exemption is considerable. Because GTA itself contains online mode, it will generate more long-term benefits due to the arrival of a large number of new players.

We can also see from some signs whether the manufacturer is satisfied with the income of the exemption. First of all, epic apparently persuaded new manufacturers with their achievements to add their games to the exemption and restriction, which is the necessary condition for the exemption and restriction activities to continue up to now.

Sometimes, we can even see that some games can be exempted twice, such as blue, once packaged with insede and once promoted last winter, which shows that this activity is worth trying again for developers.

More importantly, there are also manufacturers who actively contact epic to carry out the exemption and restriction activities. Epics CEO Tim Sweeney was very straightforward when he introduced the limited exemption activities:

We pay developers and publishers to limit and exempt games, and this amount is determined through negotiation, so that they can get more income from epic, and obtain a large number of users with the minimum loss of income.

Some of the games restrictions and exemptions are required to be disclosed by developers, which can build momentum for their new products.

From this point of view, the reason why manufacturers agree to cooperate with epic is not only because they have given too much, but also because they agree with this model and benefit from it.

Besides manufacturers, players may have another question: is this restriction and exemption sustainable? If it is sustainable, is it beneficial to the industry? On the Internet, there is a view that it is not uncommon to think that epic is burning money. The more white whoring players, the more epic burning money, it will fall into a vicious circle.

Lets not talk about the players position, but this vicious circle. At present, there is no sign.

There is a barrier between players, saying that night of the fortress is limiting and exempting blood transfusion for epic, but in fact, epic mall itself is already generating revenue.

At the beginning of this year, epic counted the mall data. In one year of online, 108 million users have been in the mall, and all users have spent a total of 680 million dollars in epic mall. Apart from epics own games, sales of third-party games are 251 million. At the same time, the mall has provided us $23 million in discounts and subsidies for users.

As the share of epic mall itself is relatively low (12%), from the above data, after the flow share of the third-party sales, the revenue just covers the platforms preferential subsidies to users (such as coupons), epic has to rely on the income of Fortress night and the engine and other projects to subsidize, so as to run the send game system. However, when the scale of the shopping mall users is large enough, the corresponding sharing revenue is likely to offset the cost of this part and achieve a new balance.

According to epic, the $251 million in third-party revenue has actually exceeded expectations by 60%. It shows that the platform has also shown its purchasing power in other games by attracting players through restriction and exemption, and the official is relatively satisfied with the income situation.

The most convincing evaluation of the development of epic mall may come from competitors.

Gabe Newell, founder of V club, told edge magazine in March this year about the competitive relationship between steam and epic, which is quite interesting.

At that time, G Pang said, the competition between game stores is great for anyone. It keeps us honest. Keep everyone honest. In the short term, competition will be ugly. Youll think, ah, theyre yelling again, theyre embarrassing us. But in the long run, G Pang thinks that everyone will benefit from it. Someone has to compete for the cause and someone has to challenge you.

What we are more afraid of is not competition, but someone trying to stop it. If you ask me which one is more frightening, it is that people love Apples model of controlling everything, and there are faceless bureaucrats who prevent your products from entering the market, just because they dont want them to enter, or design stores in a way that devalues the value of their products.

G Pang has been working as a steam for nearly 20 years. His vision is still long-term, his attitude is very clear, his metaphor is vivid, his criticism is more direct, his name is dis, which is not like the politeness between friends and businessmen. We can also see the changes that steam has made in the past year: laboratory, personalized recommendation, remote sharing. The joke belongs to the joke, but even the new half-life work has been officially released, and the V club has really changed.

On the other hand, some other practices of epic itself show the attitude of the company.

The virtual engine 5, which they just released, has attracted a lot of attention due to its many technological advances. In contrast, there is a less obvious change in relevant policies, but its thinking is consistent with epic game mall.

With the release of the new engine, epic has updated a policy to encourage developers to use the virtual engine: free of royalties until game revenue exceeds $1 million.

This is not a new policy. Epic had similar royalty free regulations before, but before that, the sharing threshold was that the revenue reached 50000 US dollars, and 5% of the revenue would be charged for more than 50000 US dollars. This time, the virtual engine 5 directly raised the threshold to $1 million, which, like the exemption and restriction, is obviously an act to attract developers, but in the long run, the benefits to small and medium-sized developers are solid.

The game industry is a rapidly changing industry, which needs not only technological progress, but also constantly changing market. It needs more new exploration in business model to create some win-win situation.

So, send game is the only way to develop? Of course not, but in the different explorations of various platforms, epic has come up with the interesting and rare practice of continuous restriction and exemption, which can be beneficial to the industry. Big money may be a necessary condition for this, but its not enough.

Of course, its the most important thing for players to keep leading. At present, this kind of possibility is very large. First of all, you can look forward to what the free game will be next week.

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