Only hard work can create their own happy life -- the experience of poverty-stricken households in Hotan, Xinjiang

 Only hard work can create their own happy life -- the experience of poverty-stricken households in Hotan, Xinjiang

Xinjiang golden flower core international trade Co., Ltd., established in February 2008, was jointly funded by seven farmers led by Abdul Maiti garpal, who mainly engaged in gold jewelry processing. At the beginning, only 30 kg of gold products were sold each month. Over the past few years, they have taken the initiative to learn from the experience of their peers, absorbed modern business concepts and advanced management models, and constantly explored and innovated to improve product quality. The monthly sales volume of gold has reached 150 kg. The number of employees of the company has grown from the first seven to more than 220 today, including 180 local poor households with filing and registration cards.

Kerim tursuntotti came to work here five years ago and became the leader of the necklace team. He was paid 4000 yuan a month. Speaking of the present life, he smiled and said: as long as we work hard, we will have a good life. My work in the past five years has explained everything, and I believe that the days will be better and better.

In the past, Bozi Barker, a farmer in ornushi village, segezkule Township, Hotan County, only relied on two mu of land to support his family. After he became a poverty-stricken household, he only thought that the government would help him out of poverty, but he didnt want to work hard to get out of poverty. The farmer in the same village, such as tuoheti Abdullah, who has only a junior high school degree, is a flexible, hardworking and capable young man. With the help of the village committee and the working team in the village, he has set up the oernush Vegetable Cooperative. Bozi Barker was drawn into the cooperative and followed tohetti Abdullah to learn how to grow vegetables. Speaking of the present life, Bozi Barker said: Im sorry to think about my past thoughts, just waiting. Working in a cooperative now, I can not only earn 2100 yuan a month, but also understand the truth that only hard work can create a happy life for myself.

Now 62 farmers in the whole village have invested 500 mu of arable land into cooperatives. 50 farmers in the village, 30 of whom are poor, have become cooperative workers. The development of vegetable industry in the village is becoming more and more prosperous, and the villagers have more confidence in becoming rich and well-off.

In 2019, the village team mobilized the villagers to join the stock market, established a rabbit breeding cooperative, improved the survival rate of rabbits and ensured the villagers income through centralized breeding. Aizezi ablikmu, who is willing to help others, actively applied for the establishment of a professional rabbit breeding farmer cooperative in Padan County, Hotan County, and led five poor households in the village to start the rabbit industry.

At the beginning, they were enthusiastic and inexperienced, the rabbits were not well raised, and the enthusiasm of the villagers was much lower. Aziz ablikmu recalled that although he was a little discouraged, he was heartened to think that the villagers were waiting for the rabbits to increase their income and become rich.

Do not know the technology, he went to Xinjiang jujube rabbit farming and animal husbandry development Co., Ltd. to learn the technology. During the rabbit breeding period, the companys technicians live in the cooperative and teach him how to deliver the rabbit, how to vaccinate, how to make feed, etc. The first batch of rabbits came out of the market, and each farmer got 700 yuan of dividends. Although not many, he was full of joy.

When she saw ayniyazihan abdahalik, xiahele village, Buda, puchakeqi Town, Moyu County, she was wearing a high ponytail, clean and tidy clothes, and she was very neat and capable. In his 30s, ayniyazihan abdulhallik, a single mother with two children, was not well off. In 2018, the ten thousand mu vegetable base in puchakeqi town of Moyu County recruited workers, and she did not hesitate to sign up. When she first came to work in the vegetable base of ten thousand mu, she was not afraid of hardship and tiredness. She took the initiative to ask for any agricultural work. The person in charge of the base asked her: its a little difficult and tired to water and connect the water pipe. Would you like to try it? This job is more than twice the wage of other jobs.

Im willing to, Im not afraid of hardship and tiredness, and Ill learn the technology well. Ayniyazihan abdelkhalik agreed. In this way, she learned how to water vegetable fields. Every time you water, its not difficult to drain water, but to connect water pipes and check the condition of each drip belt. Because the water pipe is thick, as long as there is a leak, there will be a big water, the danger of submerging the seedlings, but also a waste of water resources. In order to prevent danger and waste of water resources, she formed the habit of carefully checking each drip belt. With the technology becoming more and more mature, her salary has increased from 1500 yuan in the beginning to 4000 yuan today. As long as you master technology and are diligent and willing to do this job, if you do more, you will increase your income. He said. In May of this year, she received 4200 yuan salary, becoming the highest salary of all employees in the base. Its better to learn some skills. With the technology, even if I go out of the vegetable base, I can find a job as well as a considerable income, she said

After a long interview in Hotan District, the more stories like this are heard. Whats more, from their struggle, we can see that the success of poverty alleviation is near at hand.