From special commissioner of science and technology to fighter of poverty alleviation -- recollection of Zhuang Ningbin, a member of working team in the village of Dahua Yao Autonomous County, Guangxi

 From special commissioner of science and technology to fighter of poverty alleviation -- recollection of Zhuang Ningbin, a member of working team in the village of Dahua Yao Autonomous County, Guangxi

Poverty alleviation mission of a science and Technology Commissioner

In December 2018, Zhuang Ningbin, who had been stationed in the village for four years, was once again selected to work as a team member in the West Village of Yalong township.

Before going to settle in the village, Zhuang Ningbin had been a special science and Technology Commissioner of the unit, making achievements in the field of science and technology. In his opinion, no matter where you are, you should earnestly fulfill your original mission.

Zhenxi village is located in Dashi mountain area. The effect of traditional corn planting is not obvious. Zhuang Ningbin played the role of science and technology workers and planned to develop Evodia rutaecarpa industry with everyone.

With the support of Guangxi Beibu Gulf Investment Group, more than 400 mu of Evodia rutaecarpa has been planted in Zhenxi village. As a technical instructor, Zhuang Ningbin participated in the whole process of industrial development.

At the end of April, Zhuang Ningbin came to my home, sweating, asking about the growth of 20 mu Evodia officinalis planted in my home, and telling me some common sense of management and protection. Speaking of the scene where Zhuang Ningbin taught us to plant Evodia, Tang Dian, a villager, still remembers it. With the help of Zhuang Ningbin, Wu Zhuyu in the West Village of the town has begun to bear fruit.

The feelings of poverty alleviation of a team member in the village

Zhuang Ningbin doesnt drink or smoke, but there are several things in his bag when he leaves the team: umbrella, cigarette and candy. In case of smoking, the villagers hand over one or two cigarettes and often bring some sugar cakes to the elderly or children. Wei Lijin, 64, of Nong ningtun, said after knowing that Zhuang Ningbin was killed, there will be no more pancakes from Zhuang Ningbin in the future.

The distance between nonggantun and nongzhutun is 1.5km. It takes more than an hour to go back and forth. In order to help the poor households of nongzhutun, mengyoujing, mengyouchang and mengyili to complete the project, Zhuang Ningbin went to nongzhutun every two days from the middle of April to help solve the problems encountered in the construction process. I regret that I didnt hurry up and let brother Zhuang join us to celebrate entering the new building. Mengyis eyes are dancing with tears.

On April 30, Wei Jian, a poor family in nonglingtun, was short of manpower. Zhuang Ningbin didnt say a word. He went straight to Wei Jians family to help move the sand and dredge the mud together with the cadres and cadres in the village to solve the urgent need of the masses.

Tang Xiu suffered from chronic diseases during his specialty period, so he could only do some housework at home. In 2019, Zhuang Ningbin repeatedly mobilized Tang Xiuzhuan to breed two cows, four pigs and 9.8 Mu black beans. He taught tangxiu to do management and protection by hand. In those years, tangxiu experts increased their income by more than 10000 yuan.

On the morning of May 10, Tang Xiuwan, a poor household in nongxiongtun, West Village of Zhenxi, who was busy weeding and fertilizing in the field of Evodia, choked to express his nostalgia for Zhuang Ningbin: its strange that the mountain road is too steep. Its nice to be alone. If you dont have it, its gone. Tang Xiuwan was injured in his working hours last year. Zhuang Ningbin rushed to the hospital for a visit as soon as possible to encourage him to treat his illness with peace of mind. When visiting Tang Xiuwan a few days ago, Chuang Ningbin also stuffed 200 yuan to improve his food.

A good cadre who lives in a small family

Working overtime is the normal since Zhuang Ningbin settled in the village. Qin Wanlu, her lover, is a senior high school teacher and her daughter is in senior three. Zhuang Ningbin had an 84 year old father who had to be taken care of because of his lack of skills. May Day holiday, Zhuang Ningbin special time to arrive in Nanning, accompanied his father overnight, who knows it has become a farewell.

Zhuang Ningbin has been busy and selfless all the year round. He pretends that everything in his mind is about the village. He has no time to care about everything at home. Tang Shuping, a colleague who is familiar with the situation of the banker, knows that the light in the living room of Zhuang Ningbins house is broken and can only be repaired by his wife; if the iron door is rusty, he can only ask others for help

He doesnt count. He left us alone. At the memorial meeting, Qin Wanlu sobbed.

Today, the office of Zhenxi village is also full of all kinds of poverty alleviation materials, and a Book of peoples diary is bound on the desk, recording Zhuang Ningbins footprints in the village.

Diligent as a cow, working silently, and selfless for the cause of poverty alleviation, Ning Bins comrades in arms will go all the way! Zhuang Ningbin left. In Dahua County and Yalong Township, Zhuang Ningbin integrated his life into the land where he took root. Some people say that his life is as ordinary as a drop in the ocean, but in the hearts of the people in the West Village of the town, he is as bright as a star.