[Chinas steady development] the great national spirit is becoming more and more obvious

 [Chinas steady development] the great national spirit is becoming more and more obvious

The Chinese nation has suffered a lot, three years old and one hunger, six years old and one decline, twelve years old and one famine. China has experienced numerous disasters in history, but these hardships have failed to defeat the Chinese nation, but made the national spirit exercise, making the Chinese nation more self-improvement, thousands of years. General secretary Xi Jinping pointed out: the Chinese peoples characteristics and endowments not only have molded the Chinese civilization that has lasted for thousands of years, but also profoundly influenced the development and progress of contemporary China, and profoundly affected the spiritual world of the contemporary Chinese people. The great national spirit nurtured, inherited and developed by the Chinese people in their long struggle has provided a strong spiritual impetus for Chinas development and the progress of human civilization.

Since modern times, a great rejuvenation history of the Chinese nation is also a history of ups and downs in adversity, down and back. Relying on the great national spirit, the Chinese people, under the leadership of the Communist Party of China, have leveled the mountains that stand in the way of the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation, making the face of China change dramatically. It is this great spirit of creation, struggle, unity and dream that has brought up the Chinese nation, which has been standing in the east of the world for thousands of years, with a splendid civilization that has never broken after several changes, and a good river and mountain that has tens of thousands of miles in length and breadth. It is this great national spirit that provides a great spiritual power for the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation and an inexhaustible source of power for the contemporary Chinese system and governance system. It is this great national spirit that has enabled China to stand up again in the repeated crisis attacks, and continue to move forward with a higher and fearless attitude after healing the wounds.

The strong strength of Chinas organizational mobilization system not only comes from our advantages of focusing on major events, but also from the initiative and awareness of each individual in this organizational system. A member of the WHO inspection team once said that during the inspection of the epidemic in China, the most touching thing was everyones sense of responsibility for the prevention and control of the epidemic. It is the sense of responsibility that everyone wants to do the right thing that makes the whole country and the whole society unite as a whole. It is the great national spirit that endows the Chinese governance system with soul and becomes the lubricant for the effective operation of the system.

The Chinese nation has cultivated such a consciousness in its long-standing culture that there is no home without a country, so that everyone can abandon the small family and sacrifice the small self for the big self. This awareness is embodied in the spirit of the peoples heroes of the medical staff. What saves the country is not a Hollywood movie style individual hero, but a collectivist hero. There is no superhero from the sky. Only a mortal hero who is responsible for the rise and fall of the world. They were just ordinary people, loving life and family. But once the country is in trouble, they will never turn back and become the most beautiful rebel and the guardian of the whole nation. This awareness is reflected in the spirit of the vanguard of the Communist Party members, which is the more dangerous, the more forward. The vanguard spirit of the party members is not innate, but needs to be inspired, refined and sublimated in the hard struggle. The bright red party flag is flying high in the front line of the anti epidemic. This kind of consciousness is embodied in the sense of master of every Chinese: everyone is responsible for the rise and fall of the world. The world, our world, our country, our country, our society; we dont say, who says? We dont do it, who does it? In the face of national crisis, no one in more than one billion people is willing to be a guest or a spectator. Everyone is willing to fight for the first place, medical care is on the front line, cadres are rushing forward, enterprise funds and materials are rushing forward, and people are donating money and materials.

The sense of collectivism goes deep into the marrow of Chinese people. Chinese culture has never been individual oriented, but collective oriented. Freedom in Chinese culture is linked with responsibility. Only in fulfilling family responsibility and social responsibility, can individuals find a place to live, and be free and self-discipline. The fight against the epidemic is the best interpretation of the collectivist spirit of I am for everyone, everyone is for me. Everyone is responsible for fighting against the epidemic. Fighting is on the front line. Staying at home and not going out is also fighting. It is this sense of responsibility that everyone has for the community that protects this nation and everyone himself. The Chinese nation is a nation with a strong sense of rules. In front of the epidemic, the Chinese people show a high degree of discipline and obedience spirit. Everyone is abiding by the rules and rules. Because they know that the loss of common freedom and rights, individual freedom and individual rights will only be worthless, the loss of the right to exist, other rights is just a empty talk.

One of the characteristics of Chinese culture is the integration of family and country. Family is a small country and country is a big one. There is brotherhood between different regions, and the interests of small families need to be subordinated to the common interests of the whole family. When one side is in difficulty, eight sides come to help. In the process of mutual help between different regions, brotherhood grows deeper and deeper. Always put peoples life safety and health first, reflecting the responsibility of the government. The epidemic once again reminds us that we are inseparable communities. Only when the government fulfills its public responsibilities can individual responsibilities be meaningful. Peoples well-being includes not only private well-being, but also public well-being shared by all. The socialist system can create a higher level of public well-being for the people. Widows, widows, widows, widows, orphans and disabled people are all supported. The attitude of the Chinese people towards every life is warm. China can protect peoples life and health at any cost, and fight for the life of critically ill patients from the God of death at any cost.

The Chinese nation is a nation with a heart to the world. To invest in me is to invest in wood and peach, and to reward Qiongyao. Chinas aid to other countries in the world is to reward each other with gratitude. Feeling the suffering of other countries in the world, when they were still in difficulties, they extended a helping hand to all countries, sent medical experts, assisted in anti epidemic materials and shared anti epidemic experience. At the same time one should actively promote one belt, one road and one side, and advocate cooperation and mutual assistance among all countries. Once again, the epidemic reminds us that mankind is a community of shared destiny, and cooperation and mutual assistance are the only right choice. At the time of the global epidemic, Chinas assistance has provided warm and powerful support for the global anti epidemic. Chinas basic control of the epidemic has built up the global anti epidemic confidence. Chinas experience and Chinas initiative have provided Chinas plan for the global anti epidemic, and Chinas supply chain has provided the most powerful anti epidemic material support for the world.

Nixon once wrote in his memoirs that one of the most shocking impressions he had left during his visit to China was the kind of spirit he saw in Chinese people that was both extremely warm and highly United. The Chinese do not believe in God, but believe that the people are God; the Chinese do not worship superheroes, but think that countless ordinary people are superheroes. Once the hero of the collective comes, the mountain will be leveled, the flood will be made way, and the God of plague will have to walk.

The strong grass is known by the strong wind, and the honest minister is known by the tyranny. The more difficult it is, the more spiritual power it can show, for individuals, and for a nation. In the struggle against the epidemic, the Chinese nation shows the world that she is such a nation, and she stands in the worlds National Forest in the 21st century with such a posture and no shame. The great spirit of the Chinese nation has enabled China to overcome numerous challenges in the long history. History once again proves that no matter what kind of difficulties, they will not crush the nation, but only make it greater.

(author: Yan Yilong, vice president of national conditions Research Institute of Tsinghua University, associate professor of School of public management of Tsinghua University)