The 1500 level villa of the old tea factory is too luxurious

 The 1500 level villa of the old tea factory is too luxurious

When he was 45 years old, he was trying to change his original life. He found an abandoned tea factory in his hometown. He thought that he had no place to put all kinds of cultural relics and tea he had collected for many years, so he could make use of this broken tea factory, so he had the 1500 level villa

He named the house front and back image, which refers to the inheritance of love. Image is space. He only wanted to take the tea factory to place his own collection of cultural relics. Unexpectedly, it became an art salon. In addition to exhibitions and performances, many activities of fashion brands are also held here.

In 2003, Yuefu of Han and Tang Dynasties was invited to perform in Germany. The director thought this place was suitable for training. They came here to rehearse. Since then, more and more groups have come here to perform. Like the scale free dance troupe, theyve done a big show here. Small performances like Wang Xinxin and some others should have been held four or five hundred times.

The tea rooms in this villa are more exquisite and elegant than those in other villas. People who like to taste tea probably have no desire for this house~

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