Girls online love 40 year old divorced man abandons background garage and lives in rural reconstruction room with man

 Girls online love 40 year old divorced man abandons background garage and lives in rural reconstruction room with man

Bedroom: when the girl first arrived at his home, the bedroom felt like a work shed. The girl couldnt believe it. It was a private home. Its not too much to say that the family is helpless. A simple bed stands alone in the middle. The girl even dares to sleep in the tent when she first comes.

But the girl is also a very big heart, think to come all come, plan to clean up and live again. All the household goods that can be bought are bought online, because there are few things that can be bought in this village even in the town. After half a months hard work, I decorated my bedroom and laid the floor, which has become what it is now. Although we cant talk about changing the high-end atmosphere into a high-end one, its still eye-catching. Its very holiday like, and the color matching is also very good. I cant believe it will be so good-looking compared with the previous pictures.

Kitchen: before the renovation, the kitchen was like two cabinets stuffed in the rough room. At first glance, it was thought to be a sundry room, without any smoke and fire at all. You can only see a pot on the right side when you open your eyes. There is no seasoning or kitchen knife on the cupboard. This kitchen has really been usedu00b7u00b7u00b7

After the renovation, the kitchen finally has a home like appearance, with warm stickers on the walls, convenient kitchen appliances hangers, full seasoning racks, and an extra small restaurant and refrigerator. Its really not like the kitchen. Its like the kitchen should have firewood, rice, oil and salt.

Courtyard: its a courtyard, but strictly speaking, its a piece of land at the door. It seems that there are many kinds of vegetables. However, the girl said in the post many times that such a farming life is very comfortable. In the morning, he built a cucumber shelf, and I watered and weeded. It feels good. Its the way I want to live. .

Although most of the netizens thought that the girl was stupid, they thought that she came to help the poor. But right or wrong or let girls use their own experience to feel it. Like life, is the best life.

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