CCTVs International Review continues to criticize American politicians and the wide spread of overseas mainstream media

 CCTVs International Review continues to criticize American politicians and the wide spread of overseas mainstream media

CNN domestic and CNN International reported nine times in three consecutive days from May 1 to 3. This week, China Central Television broadcast comments on almost every day to attack the accusations made by U.S. Secretary of state Peng Peio against China. One of the comments pointed out that Peng Peio who spreads the political virus is putting the He becomes a public enemy of mankind.

In addition, CNN also broadcast a critical report in English on its program, the four crimes of pompeio has broken through the bottom line of life and the attempt to intimidate the World Health Organizations pompeio is challenging the world.

Wall Street Journal

According to an article published on the website of the Wall Street Journal on May 4, U.S. Secretary of state Peng Peio intensified his accusation that the new coronavirus epidemic can be traced back to Chinas laboratories, triggering an angry response from Chinese media.

VOA, one of the mouthpieces of the U.S. government, quoted the critical English version report that Peng peiao has broken through the bottom line of human life on April 30, May 1 and May 4 for 17 times.

Newsweek, USA

On May 5, the website of Newsweek published a report entitled Chinese official media accused Peng peiao of despicable coronary lie. According to the report, Peng Peio claimed to see a lot of evidence proving that the virus was related to the epidemic, and Chinese state media angrily responded to the accusations against the countrys poor response to the epidemic and the Wuhan Virus Research Institutes connection with the epidemic.

BBC Arabic news

BBC Arabic, the British Broadcasting Company, on May 4, forwarded the broadcast picture of the blatant Anti China Pioneer ban Nong, fearing that the world will not be disordered, citing the English version of sharp review report: China Central Television broadcast review pointed out that the biggest danger facing the United States is not the new crown virus, but the extreme right populists within the trump government Their behavior of throwing the pot is to transfer the responsibility of the United States for its poor response to the epidemic to China; its so-called claim for responsibility is groundless, and its purpose is to evade its own responsibility.

China accuses Peng Peio of lying about the new coronavirus, the Times reported on May 5. CCTV accused pompeio of using insane rhetoric to spray poison and spread rumors.

France 24

On May 5, French 24 English and French 24 Espanol quoted the news broadcast about emergency medical treatment! Evil pompeio spreads poison and rumors in front of science. According to the report, China pointed out that the comments of some politicians in the United States showed that they had been in a hurry to seek medical treatment and were eager to throw the pot.

Agence France Presse

According to a report published on May 4 by Agence France Presse entitled China calls pompeio Crazy on the theory of the origin of the virus laboratory, CCTV attacked the US Secretary of state pompeios statement about the origin of the new coronavirus crazy and vague. Michael Ryan, executive director of whos health emergency program, and Ian Lipkin, a professor at the Melman School of public health at Columbia University, were quoted as saying that the new coronavirus came from nature, was not caused by human beings, nor was it a laboratory leak.

Italian radio and television company

The Chinese government has refuted the remarks made by Secretary of state Peng Peio, according to an English edition report released by the Italian radio and television company on May 6 that the US epidemic prevention and control should be subject to international investigation. Chinese scientists stressed that it was an animal virus and could not have come from Wuhan virus laboratory.

Russian all Russian State Television Broadcasting Corporation

The Russian National Television Broadcasting Corporation (Russia1) on May 4 forwarded a sharp review of the English version of the blatant Anti China vanguard ban Nong is afraid that the world will not be disordered, saying: the American people should see clearly that if such fanatical extremists as ban Nong are allowed to take the wrong direction and rhythm, the epidemic prevention and control in the United States is likely to be more out of control, and the future of the United States will be in chaos and crisis In the middle.

Chinas TV stations have responded to us politicians accusations that Chinese hackers are trying to steal US vaccine results, according to Russia 1, Russia 24 and rtrplaneta daily on May 12. The report quotes from newscast that the American politicians who are possessed by fire are not playing with fire, but with life!! u300bThe U.S. government has exposed its political conspiracy because of its inability to respond to the epidemic, said the broadcast. The U.S. government sacrifices peoples lives to turn vaccine research and development into a political game. The report commented that Chinas vaccine has started a second phase of clinical trials, and there is no point in stealing vaccines from the United States.

Russian government organ newspaper

On May 3, an article titled American politicians should be responsible for the spread of the global epidemic was published on the official website of Russian daily. Unity and cooperation are the most powerful weapons to deal with the epidemic, the article said. If some American politicians ignore this scientific law, they will become the sinners of history.

According to an article published on the official website of Russian daily on May 4 entitled all accusations against China are groundless, American far right populist Steve Bannon slandered Chinas anti epidemic model in an interview with the media and falsely claimed that China should bear economic responsibility for the epidemic. Novel coronavirus pneumonia has exceeded 100 million confirmed cases in the first quarter of the United States, and the biggest decline in Chinas economy since the first quarter of the international financial crisis. Ban Nong has blamed China for its responsibilities and no moral sense of shame.

European times German

Driven by narrow political self-interest and overbearing style, American politicians often regard the epidemic warnings from their intelligence agencies, public health personnel, who and China as sidewinds and miss the best window of protection again and again , leading to an outbreak in which the risk of the outbreak is accumulating and eventually out of control.

Al Jazeera

Qatari al Jazeera television and its official website commented on May 6 that these flawed and unreasonable statements made by American politicians make more and more people see that there is no evidence at all! The so-called virus leakage from Wuhan laboratory hype is a complete lie. When the anti epidemic efforts in the United States are in a mess, American politicians are eager to shirk responsibility, cheat votes and suppress China.

In addition, a number of overseas mainstream media, including recordchina, Japans largest China information portal, South Koreas Asia economy website, Indias Hindi mainstream newspaper daily morning news and Turkeys economist website, also reprinted the Taiwans international sharp review.

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