Globegroup: trump posts another attack on China, but India may have to be careful

 Globegroup: trump posts another attack on China, but India may have to be careful

Trump said in his post:

Why China, a country with so many people than us, has only paid a small amount of fees from the World Health Organization, the United Nations and the World Trade Organization in the past decades, and is regarded as a developing country, thus gaining much more advantages than the United States Before the plague from China hits, our economy is better than all people, its the best and the best country, and well get back on our feet soon!

To simplify it further, trump seems to think that whether a country is developed and should take on more international responsibilities depends not on the per capita GDP of the country, but only on who has more people ..

But according to his logic of robbing the poor and helping the rich, not only China, whose per capita GDP is several times lower than that of the United States, but also India, which is far behind that of China, can not be regarded as a developing country. Moreover, India has to provide much more money than that of the United States to support various international organizations initiated and established by the United States to serve the post-war world pattern constructed by the United States.

(picture from visual China)

Its not just India. Under Trumps logic, other third world countries with far more population than western developed countries, Im afraid that in addition to shouldering the environmental pollution and labor squeeze that these developed countries dont want, they have to take out their hard-earned development capital to enrich the western world

Therefore, Trumps latest post is not only a simple attack on China, but also a description of what a terrible dystopia society our world may enter under the scourge of the trump administration in the United States. This deserves the vigilance and resistance of all developing countries in the world.